July 2016 Connections

Connections_Chicago pizza dinner_2016.07

Chicago Scholars and alumni met up for pizza at Xoco, which they highly recommend to anyone passing through the city. Pictured left to right: Jeremy O’Brien (2012), Kurt von Laven (2008), Holly Sanchez Perry (2009), Mark Hendrickx (1997), and Radhika Rawat (2010).

Connections_Coke Scholars with USAid_2016.07

Scholars who work at US Aid in Washington, D.C., got together for lunch. Pictured left to right:  Ryan McCannell (1989), Jay Gilliam (2000), Kristin Kelly Jangraw (2003), and Karina Plascencia (2010).

Connections_Walter Natalia Brad_2016.07

Walter and Natalia Menjivar (2005 and 2004 Scholars) and Brad Galiette (2004) met up for dinner in Mystic, CT. Since becoming Coke Scholars, Walter and Natalia both attended Vanderbilt and later got married, and Walter and Brad collaborated on a Connecticut-focused economic development effort, not realizing their Coke Scholar connection at the time.

Connections_Jack Carolyn and Kamber in St Louis_2016.07

Carolyn Norton (CCSF Alumni Relations Manager) got together with Jack Terschluse (2012), Kamber Schneider (2001), and Kamber’s son when she was in St. Louis in June.

Connections_Kari Philbeck family and Mark_2016.07

Kari Philbeck (1994) and her family dropped by our office while she was in town for the Food Services Convention. Mark had not seen her in years, and it was great to reconnect! Kari works for The Coca-Cola Company in Las Vegas.

Connections_Liz Fisher and kids_2016.07

 Elizabeth Fisher (1996) and her adorable kids dropped by our office for lunch.