November 2016 Connections

Coke Scholars Omaha Reception

Mark ventured to the Northwest in search of some Coke Scholars. He found this group in Omaha…

Coke Scholars Des Moines Reception

…and this group in Des Moines!

Coke Scholars Nicole Knott and Joy Sparrowhawk

Nicole Knott (2003) met up with Joy Sparrowhawk (2000) for a Coke in Corsica. They met in Paris years ago and have stayed connected ever since. Joy lives in Paris and Nicole lives in London.

Coke Scholars Michelle Fogarty and Gracie Schram

Michelle Fogarty (2012) met up with Gracie Schram (2016) when she was in Nashville recently. Both are singer songwriters. Gracie attends Belmont University, and her EP “Dear Fall” was just released.

Coke Scholar Nzinga Tull

Nzinga Tull (1993) visited Coca-Cola headquarters when she was in town for Spelman’s homecoming. Nzinga is an aerospace engineer in Washington, DC.

Coke Scholar Erin Muffoletto Baca

Erin Muffoletto Baca (2003) visited Coke headquarters with colleagues from the Mayor’s office in Albuquerque, NM.

Coke Scholar Austin Pate

Austin Pate (2007) met up with Lauren O’Brien (CCSF) at Peet’s Coffee while she was in Chicago.

Coke Scholar Jennifer Latham

Jennifer Latham (1990) visited Coke headquarters in November while she was in town promoting her new book, Dreamland Burning, out in February!