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2024 Collage full

Get to know our 36th class of Coca-Cola Scholars - 150 incredible young people who are creating positive change in their communities and around the world.

Each Scholar is being awarded a $20,000 college scholarship and joins a family of over 6,900 visionary leaders who are refreshing the world together.

meet our 2024 coca-cola scholars

Aiden Ackerman

New York, NY

Aiden’s resilient character and his family’s challenges with immigration have helped him evolve into a strong and ambitious leader. As Founder/CEO of ILC club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, he advocates for educational equity by teaching people from across the world. Winning a PVSA Gold Medal, he developed Helping Hands APP to address the homelessness crisis and won the Congressional APP Challenge. As President of the school’s largest STEM ACS Club, he also assists in hosting USNCO. Aiden earned USABO semi ‘21 and ‘23, GIS ‘21 NASA, co-published research in 9th grade, and as a DoD Scholar his RSI/MIT 2023 Summer Research won the Regeneron STS Top 300. He enjoys playing violin in school, with community, and at nursing homes to uplift spirits and make the world a better place.

Shobhit Agarwal

Frisco, TX

Shobhit Agarwal is an avid science researcher, public speaker, and champion of equitable healthcare. As a scientist, he works on robust algorithms at the intersection of quantum computing and machine learning, building models that enable remote medicine for low-income communities. His research has been published in 3 conferences and won awards at Regeneron ISEF, AJAS, and NJSHS. He founded the 501(c)3 nonprofit STEM 4 Students, hosting 30+ workshops for over 1,500 socioeconomically disadvantaged and neurodiverse students globally. Shobhit also served as Texas DECA‘s State President, spearheading the annual multimillion dollar state conference, speaking at international summits, and directing community service projects that impacted 12 NGOs.

Nikita Agrawal

Chicago, IL

Nikita Agrawal is the founder of FinPro World, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing financial literacy globally. Her innovative approach combines financial concepts with computer programming, and has impacted middle and high school students worldwide. Nikita advocates for financial empowerment at national and international forums. For her work, she was honored as a 2023 Prudential Emerging Visionary Grand Prize Winner. Additionally, Nikita has performed earth and environmental science research, presenting at American Geophysical Union (AGU), International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD), and American Meteorological Society (AMS). Nikita has been recognized as a 2024 Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholar.

Anika Alla

Shreveport, LA

Anika is a passionate advocate for healthcare equity and preserving human connections. She founded an Active Minds Chapter to advocate for mental health in her community and provide resources to struggling teens. She is also a published researcher and clinical volunteer, focusing primarily on using imaging techniques and cortical connectivity as a biomarker for neurodegenerative diseases. Anika has presented at national neuroscience conferences and is an anatomical illustrator for her local medical school. She has served as president of UNICEF, Greens Club, and Ted-Ed and as team captain for her varsity Mock Trial team. In the fall, she plans to double major in Art History and Neuroscience while pursuing her masters in Public Health.

Anaum Allimulla

Newark, DE

Anaum Allimulla is an impact-driven advocate dedicated to empowering youth in healthcare settings and implementing health policy reform. As the founder and director of Healthcare Education & Advocacy Leaders, Anaum aims to enable medical activism and healthcare advocacy in communities. With research in public health and policy, Anaum applies her experience from these fields toward influencing legislation and developing statewide initiatives. As a long-time bookworm, Anaum also enjoys reading in her free time and fostering leisure reading through her role as executive director at Just One More Chapter. This fall, Anaum plans to study Health & Societies at the University of Pennsylvania with a goal of working on healthcare law and policy.

Viraj Amin

Scottsdale, AZ

Viraj Amin strives to develop biomedical devices to address the current healthcare crisis as the Chief Executive Officer of a low-cost, portable, and accessible pathogen detection device – InnovaBug™. In 2023, Viraj published a research abstract presenting on the efficacy of Ultraviolet-C light to inhibit the spread of viral infections. Furthermore, Viraj strives to provide basic hygiene essentials and necessities to the Phoenix homeless population as the founder of Pueri Hominum. He had also founded his school’s health and fitness club, while competitively powerlifting in multiple state competitions. Viraj plans to pursue an occupation in the biotech sector to develop new biomedical products that are accessible and equitable for all.

Anish Anne

Fishkill, NY

Anish is a tech enthusiast driven by problem-solving and a passion for leveraging technology to tackle challenges. As president of his F.I.R.S.T. robotics team, Anish thrives on crafting award-winning robots and spearheading community expositions, workshops, and tournaments to inspire youth in STEM. A dedicated volunteer at heart, he has worked tirelessly with his principal and school safety officers, creating custom apps and simulations to solve local challenges and improve security within his school. Committed to leveling the playing field in education, Anish serves as the Co-Founder and CTO of DeAP Learning. He has played a pivotal role in democratizing access to high-quality AI tutoring, impacting over a hundred thousand students worldwide.

Aditi Avinash

Castle Pines, CO

Aditi has an immense passion for both science and music. Inspired by misinformation during the pandemic, Aditi founded a blog that simplifies complex scientific topics and inspires science communication. In school, she has served as club president of Science National Honor Society, HOSA, and her school‘s choir. Outside of school, Aditi volunteers at a local hospital and has dedicated her high school journey to researching celiac disease and gluten intolerance. She has presented her work at the International Science and Engineering Fair and the Regeneron Science Talent Search. Beyond academics, Aditi is a classical Indian dancer and singer. In the future, Aditi hopes to be an MD/PhD, combining clinical compassion with her love of research.

Arjun Bangalore

Fairfax, VA

Arjun has always had a burning passion for entrepreneurship – from reselling sneakers when he was younger to now building a climate-based technology startup. As the COO of SparkTank, he has provided business education and startup resources to over 3,200 students across 53 countries worldwide. With interests in democratizing entrepreneurship, he has partnered with multiple Fortune 500 companies, reformed CTE policies with the Virginia Department of Education, and developed microfinancing campaigns in third-world countries. He has also conducted high-impact research on economics and machine learning at Johns Hopkins, MIT, and George Mason. This fall, Arjun plans on studying both computer science and economics.

Pranav Bellannagari

Newark, CA

Pranav Bellannagari combines his passion for research and technology with a commitment to societal betterment. His development of a patent-pending bionic device for mobility-impaired individuals, alongside research in renewable energy and machine learning, has resulted in over 20 publications in international journals and conferences. As the founder and captain of an international award-winning FRC team, Pranav has helped inspire countless students through STEM outreach events. He also founded Clubfairs, a startup that connects students with local clubs. He loves to photograph, play the guitar, and perform stand-up. Pranav plans to study Computer Engineering in college, and aims to innovate for the upliftment of underserved communities making impactful changes.

Isaac Bernstein

Pittsburgh, PA

Isaac Bernstein is an advocate who is passionate about international relations and education. Through establishing his service organization, Plates for Pitt, Isaac has solely raised over $44,000 (186,000 meals) for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to combat food insecurity in his area. He has participated in High School Diplomats on full scholarship, a program that unites U.S. and Japanese students in Japan to foster increased cultural understanding. As a two-time All-State Percussionist and national inline hockey athlete, Isaac excels at his passions. In his free time, he loves working with youth as a tutor, hockey coach, instructor, and mentor. Isaac currently plans on attending Princeton University to major in the SPIA on a pre-law track.

Alfia Bilal

Edinburg, TX

Alfia Bilal aims to improve healthcare accessibility in marginalized communities while pursuing her dream of becoming a General Surgeon. She attends a medically-themed high school where she has distinguished herself as Valedictorian, Class of 2024 President, Pharmacy Technician, and School Board Representative. Additionally, as a Texas Officer for HOSA-FHP and Business Professionals of America, she represents 40,000+ members. Alfia’s commitment to community service extends to supporting families at the U.S./Mexico border, where she was appointed Head of Class by the United States Border Patrol in 2023. Alfia is affiliated with the American Association for Cancer Research and will attend the International Convention in April.

Pradyumn Bonu

Buffalo Grove, IL

Pradyumn Bonu is a driven activist, researcher, and leader in the fields of Fintech & History. Featured as a Daily Point of Light, he works to increase digital literacy worldwide through his 501(c)(3) Code2Connect & has impacted 3000+ students in over 6 countries. He is passionate about blockchain and AI, conducting research at UIUC and Northwestern. Additionally, Pradyumn is National Youth Leader of the American Battlefield Trust & has been instrumental in lobbying for vital legislation in Congress & the conservation of 58000 acres of historic land. At school, he serves as the Captain of the Scholastic & History Bowl teams, Vice-President of Geography Club, & Freshman Mentor. At Penn, Pradyumn hopes to continue to make an impact in the communities around him.

Diya Brijesh

Frisco, TX

Diya Brijesh is a dedicated advocate for social change in the global setting. She founded Care4Kiddos, the largest youth-led 501c3 nonprofit aiding domestic abuse victims. Under her leadership, Care4Kiddos has launched 72+ campaigns, chartered 78 chapters globally, and has helped pass legislation at the Texas Capitol. She is engaged in intervention research at UCSC, where she is designing a machine-learning algorithm that tracks patterns in domestic abuse records. Diya also serves as the president of NExT Region DI‘s Jr.Board. She is an internationally and nationally ranked champion in HOSA and BPA and has created a facial recognition AI model to help children with autism. In her free time, she loves playing every NYT mini-game!

Georgia Bukata

Scottsdale, AZ

Georgia is a national leader, government advocate, and published researcher at the Translational Genomics Research Institute, investigating rare childhood diseases. Georgia has served as District Governor of Interact District 5495, working with hundreds of students and Rotarians worldwide on the Crutches4Africa project. She is a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow; as founder of her school‘s Interact Club, she raised funds for over 10,000 polio vaccines for the Purple Pinkie Project. Georgia is also the first Arizonan on the National FEMA Youth Preparedness Council, president of her Mu Alpha Theta chapter, and Mental Health Workgroup Chair of the Arizona Governor‘s Youth Commission. Georgia will attend Duke University, majoring in mathematics and global health.

Alekhya Buragadda

McDonald, PA

Alekhya Buragadda is a student whose dedication to the STEM field is expansive, bettering not only western Pennsylvania but also the global community as a whole. Alekhya is the founder and president of Women Welfare, a nonprofit dedicated to developing the skills of women across the globe through access to healthcare and education. The organization currently has helped over 200 women continue their education. The organization has been featured on Pittsburgh‘s KDKA TV, Yahoo News, Talk Pittsburgh, and CBS News. Moreover, Alekhya enjoys advancing her own knowledge of STEM through her involvement in the healthcare field. Her work in gynecology and neuroscience has been published nationally in the RMS and IYNA Journals, and in her own, self-written book.

Hope Call

Ketchikan, AK

Hope Call is a community-centered leader from Ketchikan, Alaska. She passionately fights for equitable resources for all and dedicates her time to numerous prevention efforts, teaching lessons about healthy relationships and sexual assault to high schoolers through an internship at the Women In Safe Homes Organization, helping raise $20,000+ for homelessness and substance misuse prevention as a founding member of the group Ketchikan Youth For Change, advocating for LGBTQ+ students and homeless individuals in local government, and has been awarded the John Lewis Youth Leadership Award for her work. After graduation, Hope plans to study Community Psychology at the University of Oregon’s Clark Honors College as a Stamps Scholar.

Noah Canada

Park City, UT

Noah Canada is incredibly passionate about expanding civic education, fostering bipartisanship, and inspiring positive change. As President of his school‘s National Honor Society, he has planned food drives that have collected over 161,000 pounds in donations. He frequently meets with federal lawmakers to advocate for early education and civic education funding for the YMCA. Noah is an award-winning Lincoln Douglas and Policy debater and has served as a US Senate Youth Program Delegate, his school‘s Speech & Debate Team Captain, and the Youth Governor of Utah. Noah is deeply interested in leveraging cognitive science to overcome political polarization in the United States. He will attend Dartmouth College in the fall.

Esther Chan

Honolulu, HI

Esther Chan is a science enthusiast and avid writer with a heart for serving others. Fueled by a dream of a safer internet, Esther has helped thousands of senior citizens defend themselves against cybercrime as the founder of her 501(c)(3), Cyber Safe Seniors. She co-leads the computer science club and Christian association, competes in Science Bowl, and loves her part-time job as an AP Physics teaching assistant. Esther is a Coolidge Senator, Prudential Emerging Visionary, Gold Award Girl Scout, Carson Scholar, USNCO Qualifier, pianist, and oboist. She has also been named a National Student Poets Program Semifinalist and Hawaii Youth Poet Laureate Finalist. This fall, Esther is excited to continue her academic journey at Harvard University.

Athena Chen

Naperville, IL

Starting an Etsy small business in 6th grade that has gained 300k website views, Athena loves fostering youth entrepreneurship. In 2020, she founded the Naperville Children‘s Business Fair, a nonprofit event that has since incubated 200+ small businesses operated by 350+ Chicagoland “kidpreneurs” ages 5-14, sold sponsorships to 44 organizations, and been featured on FOX News. Athena is also the Illinois DECA Vice President of Public Relations, promoting entrepreneurial education to 3,000+ members statewide. Along with serving as a senior drum major of her school‘s marching band and captain of the Speech team, she loves matcha, karate, speedwalking, and planning her heart out on Notion. Athena is excited to major in Finance or Economics in the fall.

Ryan Chen

Mercer Island, WA

Ryan is a passionate global leader, advocate, athlete, and tech enthusiast. He founded Project Given, a non-profit partnering with international NGOs to provide healthcare to underprivileged communities in more than 10 countries. Ryan is also the Chief Strategy Officer of UNIC, a $5.5 MM startup that won top awards at international hackathons like ETHGlobal and ETHDenver. He has met with 30 VCs, pitched to Louis Vuitton, MCM, Nike, and Google, spearheaded IPO strategy with Morgan Stanley, and received a $150k grant. He works with his state legislators, serves as WA‘s Boys State Governor, and is passionate about turning public service into action. He has also been invited to compete in the 2024 Paris Olympic Trials for air pistol shooting.

George Cheng

Cary, NC

George is a researcher, environmentalist, and innovator who uses “STEM for Humanity” to uplift vulnerable communities. Through his research at NC State & Harvard Medical School, he has published 5 papers and completed 8 projects ranging from waterborne pathogens to microRNA delivery; a World Science Scholar, he has been recognized by Regeneron ISEF, NJSHS, US SJWP, and BioGENEius. An athlete, George is a Heisman HS National Winner and plays 3 varsity sports. An Eagle Scout, George also tackles socioeconomic issues through his nonprofits (Paintfluence & STEMable) and has raised $150,000 for homeless artists, cancer patients, and Title I schools. In his free time, you can find him practicing piano or filing his next patent. George will pursue Biotech & CS in college.

Claire Chi

State College, PA

Claire Chi serves as Pennsylvania Student Representative to the State Board of Education, representing 1.8 million K-12 students. She also serves on the Executive Board of the Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils and was appointed by the Governor as Commissioner for his Advisory Commission for Next Generation Engagement. Claire championed the statewide Universal Free Breakfast Program and continues advocating for food security bills with the School Nutrition Association. She founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Dancing Against Hunger, providing accessible dance education and empowering youth to fight hunger. In 2023, Claire served as a U.S. Senate Youth Delegate, spoke at TED x Penn State, and was named a Food Hero by Hormel Foods Corporation.

Rhea Choudhary

Little Rock, AR

Rhea is passionate about mitigating education & health disparities. As a Regeneron ISEF finalist and presenter at international research conferences like Helfer Society, she strives to advance neuropathology. Globally & nationally recognized at competitions like Yale and Vancouver MUN, Rhea is President of her MUN team of 90 students. Alongside her school leadership founding the Diversity Council and its podcast with professionals from NASA & Brown University, her numerous global positions include founding a STEM cohort for 92 Ukrainians. She‘s awarded for her addiction activism, co-founding Delta Health Reach, working with Red Cross NHQ & Aspen Institute’s social justice program, and earning high commendation in the global John Locke Competition from 7000 papers.

Zachary Clifton

Corbin, KY

Zachary Clifton, who New York Magazine likened to “Anthony Michael Hall’s nerd character in ‘The Breakfast Club’ — the one who procured a fake ID so he could vote,” is a youth advocate, awarding-winning journalist, and student leader from Appalachia. Clifton is a board member and the legislative policy coordinator for the Kentucky Student Voice Team, an advisor and journal contributor for the National Civic League, a former board member of the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association, and an alumnus of The School of The New York Times. Through media engagements with national organizations such as USA Today, the National Civic Review, NBC News, New York Magazine, and the New York Times, Clifton has efficiently worked to generationally shift power to young people.

Sonya Colattur

Glendale, AZ

At 10-years-old, Sonya Colattur was inspired to start the non-profit organization GrandPaws Pantry to provide pet supplies to disadvantaged senior citizens with companion pets. For 8 years, Sonya has been a tireless advocate for senior mental health, bringing her passion to the halls of Congress, and she has been featured by CBS Evening News and PBS. Sonya also founded The Color of Us, an organization to increase representation for multiracial youth, and successfully advocated for Multiracial Heritage Week to be proclaimed in Arizona. She is a recipient of the Yale Bassett Award, a TEDxYouth speaker and President of the Arizona Governor‘s Youth Commission. She also enjoys competitive archery and playing with her dog, Bhaskar.

James Couch

North Little Rock, AR

James is a mega-involved, super-fun young man. He is from North Little Rock, Arkansas, and attends North Little Rock High School. James participates in a plethora of organizations where he holds major leadership positions. James is the Student Body President, the International Key Club Vice President, the President of the Little Rock Kappa League, and the list goes on and on. Additionally, he is a 2x All-State Wrestler and a Regional Champion at 106 lbs. Talk about well rounded! James has a passion for children and will one day be a pediatric surgeon. He displays his passion as a room leader in the STARS (Serving Today’s At-Risk Students) Program, where he has served over 200 hours. James coined the phrase, “Reach for the stars and achieve everything in between.”

Connor Cowan

Fairfield, CT

Connor currently represents 500,000+ students on the Connecticut State Board of Education, having been appointed by Governor Ned Lamont. An advocate for empowering youth, he serves as the Chief Impact Officer at the Institute for Youth in Policy, the largest student-run civics nonprofit in the US. Committed to addressing climate change, Connor has volunteered with the Sustainable Fairfield Task Force, established a NASA citizen science project at his school, and conducted research at Harvard’s Center for the Environment. For these efforts, Connor has won Energize CT’s Annual Contest, been named a Climate Innovators Fellow, and been honored by CT’s General Assembly. He plans to study environmental science and public policy at Harvard College.

Tinarie Dacres

Miami, FL

Tinarie Dacres, is a student with a deep-seated commitment to community development and governance. Driven by a strong ethical compass, he have taken the lead in various social initiatives aimed at enhancing the well-being of Miami-Dade County, particularly focusing on underrepresented youth and minorities. His work is rooted in the principles of governance and social justice, through which he strive to create platforms that engage and uplift marginalized communities. As he look ahead, his aspiration is to marry these passions in a way that leaves a lasting, meaningful impact, both locally and globally. Every day, he is guided by a singular purpose: to effect positive change by genuinely connecting with others.

David Daniel

Owensboro, KY

David Daniel is a passionate leader in his school and community. Last summer, David became the first person ever from Kentucky to become President of the American Legion Boys Nation Program. A senior at Owensboro High School, David is the president of the National Honor Society, Debate Team, Academic Team, and Science Team. He is a 2023 United States Senate Youth Program Alum and a National Merit Finalist. As a freshman, David began debating collegiately at his local community college and has gone on to found a debate team at his high school, expanding the art of communication in his city. He plans to major in Political Science and is determined to utilize his experience leading initiatives to make a powerful impact in his future communities both small and large.

Saumik Das

Ashburn, VA

Saumik is a committed global humanitarian striving for social justice in healthcare. Motivated by service and compassion, he conducts groundbreaking research to address health inequities. His published papers cover diverse topics including global health (with international research in Germany), behavioral neuroscience, sustainable development, and social innovation, in collaboration with professors from Harvard, Yale, and Cornell. In 2019, he founded Aina Global, a non-profit dedicated to combating the global crisis of wealth disparities by nurturing self-sustaining communities. As a public policy advocate and business mentor at the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, Saumik empowers young entrepreneurs and fosters the startup ecosystem across diverse backgrounds.

Ashley Ding

Orlando, FL

Ashley Ding is a passionate advocate for menstrual equity, Asian culture, and research. She founded the Period Poverty Initiative, a global organization that has raised $11,500 for period products and menstrual education programs for low-income menstruators. As Co-President of REACH of Central Florida, she organizes Orlando‘s largest Asian cultural events, leads homeless service initiatives, and paddles on the dragon boat team. A Project Manager for the US Space Force, she‘s presented her published research to commanders, distinguished meteorologists, graduate students, and the community. Ashley also interns for Florida State Representative Rita Harris. She is a Debate Academic All American and a 2023 Bank of America Student Leader.

Elizabeth Djajalie

Juneau, AK

Elizabeth Djajalie, born and raised in Juneau, founded the Alaska Science and Engineering Fair Student Board, raising over $15,000 for STEM education. The Future Women of STEM Podcast she launched and produced has reached listeners on 4 continents via Spotify. Elizabeth‘s research on environmental DNA metabarcoding for species and biodiversity conservation has been recognized by the Regeneron ISEF, USAID, and U.S. Department of Education among others. With voice, violin, and writing as creative outlets, Elizabeth has sung numerous national anthems, performed at Carnegie Hall, and received Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She is also a U.S. Senate Youth, Regeneron STS Scholar, NHS Scholarship Finalist, AIME qualifier, public radio host, and tennis state champion.

Bahar Djour

Westfield, IN

Bahar Djour, an ambitious and motivated leader, tackles challenges with unwavering optimism. Rooted in a large family and enriched by diverse cultures, he finds joy in his heritage. Passionate about service and eager to explore new cultures, he aspires to uplift his communities. His dream is to give back to his homeland, TChad, by becoming a cardiac surgeon and establishing hospitals worldwide. This journey aligns with his ultimate aspiration: to serve as the Surgeon General of the United States. Currently, he is establishing his own global health organization and initiatives. In pursuit of his goals, he will be studying Global Health and Biology at Duke University in the fall. Bahar’s journey is a testament to his resilience and belief in limitless potential.

Lahari Donepudi

Dublin, OH

Lahari Donepudi is a passionate author, advocate, and public speaker. She published her book on US Economic History to educate young students on history’s modern-day social justice implications and worked with Mayor Fox to create Dublin‘s first youth civics program and present on down-ballot voting at Wendy‘s HQ. At Ohio State, Lahari researched flawed federal energy data’s policy effects and worked on ‘Power of Home’ to develop digital financial tools for homeowners. A nationally-ranked speaker, Lahari has legislated equity policies for speech & debate tournaments across Ohio. She’s a President’s Volunteer Service Award recipient, US Presidential Scholars Candidate, and FBLA & National Economics Challenge State Champion. Lahari plans to study business and policy.

Andrew Dong

Iowa City, IA

Andrew is a current senior at West Senior High School in Iowa. Outside of school, he works on the Board of Advisors for the Iowa Center for School Mental Health and has served as a National Youth Council Field Ambassador with the American Red Cross; he will also be a certified EMT in May 2024. Dedicated to community leadership and policy advocacy, Andrew has developed a unique and mature leadership philosophy through his participation in public service programs such as the United States Senate Youth Program and American Legion Boys Nation. Additionally, Andrew is an Iowa State Champion in Public Forum Debate and also works and volunteers at his local retirement community, Melrose Meadows. Andrew will be attending Harvard University in the fall.

Anika Dugal

Old Bridge, NJ

Anika is the FBLA National March of Dimes Director, leading 200K students to advocate for low-income mothers of color. She is the Founder & President of Girls for Algorithmic Justice, a grassroots coalition mobilizing 280+ volunteers for equitable AI policy. She is Co-Executive Director of Leaders Across the World, a global nonprofit impacting thousands across 55 countries. As student advisor to Congressman Pallone‘s Civil Rights Committee, she represents over 450K students. She is a U.S. Senate Youth Delegate, Frederick Douglass Award winner, FBLA National Champion, Prudential Emerging Visionary, bestselling author and published researcher. She recently attended the United Nations General Assembly as a delegate to the 2023 UN Sustainable Development Goals Summit.

Clark Easley

Schaumburg, IL

Clark Easley is a servant leader passionate about eliminating the racial wealth gap. He is a two-time Illinois State Debate Champion and spearheaded a STEM Community Day with his local Boys & Girls Club that won Best of the Best Programming and regional Community Impact Award. Clark serves as Midwestern Regional Teen Foundation Chair of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. where he leads teen-focused community service projects and philanthropic giving for forty-one chapters across seven states. He is also co-founder of Socks In Boots, a community service non-profit that distributes socks to the homeless. He plans to ignite lasting change and transform lives by reimagining what can be done to drive equitable wealth in marginalized communities.

Adan Eftekhari

Fairfax, VA

Adan is a Yale Bassett Award recipient and UNGA delegate committed to addressing global health disparities. At the Touch of Life Foundation, Adan has worked alongside DHS officials and Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi to raise $75K in necessities for the Bal Ashram orphanage and human trafficking rehabilitation center in Rajasthan, India. In parallel, his advocacy at Kick4Life F.C. has enabled him to leverage his love for soccer to provide higher education opportunities and funding for HIV/AIDS testing for +1,400 youth in Lesotho. For years, Adan has also conducted exosome-based gene therapy research for mRNA delivery and co-founded a company developing a machine learning-based app offering users personalized medical recommendations.

Abigail Egbujor

Houston, TX

Abigail Egbujor, is a high school senior, entrepreneur, Christian, and advocate for positive change. Abigail’s academic journey has been nothing short of inspirational, marked by a wide range of experiences that have equipped her with the skills, knowledge, and passion to pursue her dreams. She is a top ten speaker in Texas for Dramatic Interpretation, as well as the President and Founder of Alief Talks Podcast and Abby’s Alms Foundation. Abigail’s passion for healthcare has also led her to gain invaluable hands-on experience as an intern with Houston Christian University & Methodist. Abigail’s dedication to academic excellence, leadership, and community service will continue to make a positive impact in the world.

Rithvik Gabri

Irving, TX

Rithvik is passionate about bridging his love for food with sustainable business. He is the CEO & co-founder of Commerce Crew, a national non-profit organization that connects pro-bono student consultants with restaurants & small businesses to help optimize operations in order to reduce food waste. On the side, he’s worked at restaurants and conducted research into the food supply chain. At school, he’s Impact Lead of his robotics team (winning the 2022 FRC World Championship), President of the Finance & Business Club, and President of his school’s Equity Council. In his free time, Rithvik enjoys cooking, playing tennis and pool, and going out to try new restaurants with his friends. He plans to attend Stanford University.

Yasmeen Galal

Prospect, CT

Yasmeen is a passionate leader dedicated to bridging the gap between technology and policy. She conducted research on virtual reality and published a literature review on its policy implications. As Student Representative for the Connecticut Board of Education, she represents 500,000 students with decision makers. Ranked in the top 1% in the world, Yasmeen serves as Lead Programmer for her robotics team, which she raised $21,000 for. She currently explores equity as a member of the Connecticut Student Equity Advisory Board, and is a U.S. Senate Youth Delegate, 2023 Disney Dreamer, Yale Bassett Fellow, and NCWIT National Aspirations in Computing Winner. This fall, Yasmeen will be studying Computer Science and Political Science.

Anya Gruener

Miami, FL

Anya Gruener, a social justice advocate, co-founded Active Love Foundation USA, raising over 200K for human trafficking and domestic violence survivors. At school, she leads the Don’t Close Your Eyes Club, which offers domestic violence prevention seminars, and conducts IB research on legal personhood’s impact on trafficking among undocumented immigrants. She is also the Student Body President. Her work assisting Russo-Ukrainian refugees at the PTAK Center informs her role as Compete for Peace’s US Chapter President, where she hosts youth art competitions for peace. As a Mexican-American journalist, she amplifies marginalized voices through The Raider Voice and as a JTA fellow. In the long term, she hopes to drive systemic justice reform.

Aditya Gupta

Rolling Meadows, IL

Aditya Gupta is a high-impact researcher and leader dedicated to environmental & educational equity. Having researched AI algorithms at institutions like UChicago, Yale, and Iowa‘s Agronomy Lab, Aditya has published 8 papers in Springer, IEEE, and MDPI journals. His work has been recognized by Regeneron, Chessable, and at various international conferences. Aditya is a Chess National Master and US Chess Scholar. He founded ChessPupils and published a chess book to promote the game. As the captain of the Illinois ARML Math Team, a 5x AIME Qualifier, and USACO Platinum Qualifier, Aditya created ThePuzzlr as a hub of free math resources for underserved high-achievers. Aditya will be attending Stanford University in the fall.

Maher Harp

Dearborn Heights, MI

Maher is a NASA researcher and advocate for artificial intelligence and machine learning literacy within low-socioeconomic communities. As the creator of “The Ultimate Guide of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” app, Maher was awarded the 2022 Congressional App Challenge, enabling him to speak about his mission of AI/ML literacy to politicians on Capitol Hill. Maher conducts research through the NASA-GLOBE research program, publishing three papers on detecting atmospheric parameters with a NASA rover, which sponsored three city air pollution laws. At school, Maher is the Class President, Robotics Programming Lead, Science Club President, National Honor Society Vice President, Key Club Vice President, and Tennis Varsity Captain.

Chase Hartman

Tampa, FL

Chase Hartman is a civic-minded leader and entrepreneur who is passionate about educational equity and the environment. When he was 10 years old, Chase co-founded an award-winning book distribution project called read.repeat., which later evolved into a non-profit called Eco Brothers. Focusing on improving literacy rates, Chase has distributed 220,000 books to 65,000 students in Hillsborough County, Florida. Chase advocates for more books-with-diversity and dual-language books in schools. He has raised $120,000 to fund his projects, mobilized hundreds of volunteers, and provided over 10,000 service hours to teens. Chase is proud of his involvement as an Eagle Scout, Student Body President, Swim Team Captain, and Gold Medal Congressional Award recipient.

Ava Havidic

Tamarac, FL

Ava Havidic is a changemaker in human rights, climate justice, educational policy, and linguistic empowerment. Her roots in Velika Gorica inspired her to establish the inaugural Croatian Youth Council in the country. As an environmental activist for multiple cruise lines, Ava has presented her research at LCOY USA, the United Nations, the White House, and Eastern European U.S. embassies. She serves as the Student Advisor for Broward County Public Schools, the 6th largest school district in the nation, voicing 251,000+ students daily. She is the first National Student Board Member Association (NSBMA) President for 30+ million students in all fifty states. Ava’s polyglot capabilities help her create multicultural dances on land and at sea!

Jyel Hollingsworth

St. Louis, MO

Jyel is an International Baccalaureate Scholar committed to serving her community & advocating for marginalized groups. By founding a free-to-enter chess tournament for underprivileged students, she has made strides to make chess more accessible & diverse. Jyel has given several free chess lessons to undervalued communities, competed in ranked chess tournaments & is President of her school‘s chess club. Additionally, Jyel has conducted extensive research at Washington University in St. Louis over the efficacy of 635 nm-based fluorescence in in vivo treatments for patients with Glioblastoma. In her community, she has worked with the STL Public Library, STL Chess Club, local youth centers, & the APA. Jyel is attending Stanford University this fall.

Cameron Hong

La Canada, CA

Cameron is dedicated to creating spaces of empathetic discourse. She‘s a national debate champion and one of twelve members of the USA National Debate Team, which represents the country in international competitions. Cameron strives for racial representation in media: as editor-in-chief of an international student newspaper, she co-founded Published Points of View, which provided intensive journalism education to hundreds of youth throughout California and abroad. This work won her the Princeton Prize in Race Relations. Finally, as a representative of both the Alliance for Childhood Cancer and the American Cancer Society, Cameron is a leader in the call for pediatric cancer reform. Cameron will be attending Harvard in the fall.

Chelsea Hu

Vienna, VA

Chelsea Hu is an internationally awarded science researcher, community builder, artist and arts advocate. She founded the nonprofit Teen Mobile Arts (TMA), an international young artists organization to make art spaces and social messaging through the arts more inclusive and diverse. TMA partners with international art galleries and museums, has nine global chapters and has raised $35,000 for global charities. Chelsea is the captain for her fencing club and the Metro DC Speech & Debate team, and is also an MIT Research Science Institute Scholar, an ISEF awardee, a Regeneron STS Top-300 Scholar, and a USAMO qualifier—passionate about improving the health of others at the intersection of medicine, mathematics, and the environment.

Abdimalik Hussein

Colorado Springs, CO

A first generation immigrant, Abdimalik came to the United States at three years old, and embodies a spirit of global citizenship and service. Notably, he has raised over $25,000 to construct a school in rural Somalia in hopes to break the cycle of miseducation plaguing his homeland. He serves as the Senior Class President and National Honor Society President at his high school, and is the Youth Council President at his mosque, embracing his rich culture whilst amplifying Muslim youth voice. Beyond his philanthropic endeavors, he has conducted research on disparities in Alzheimer‘s prevalence in ethnic populations, and is driven to revolutionize healthcare solutions for neurological conditions, addressing critical global health challenges.

Fatima Iqbal

Glen Ellyn, IL

Fatima is a driven Muslim leader dedicated to health equity. She has raised over $5K for medical supplies in underserved regions through her fundraising project, Healthcare Hope. Through online platforms, she has increased awareness about disparities in healthcare. Fatima is extremely passionate about STEM and Quran learning, and she has founded tutoring programs to share this passion with students. She is currently working on research projects in the field of nanochemistry and medicine in hopes of improving accessibility to medical supplies globally. President of the Debate and Mock Trial team, Fatima has not only gained her voice but has helped other students do so as well, empowering them to advocate for what they believe in.

Dabeluchi Isiofia

Corpus Christi, TX

Dabeluchi Isiofia is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity within athletics. He is a 2-time national runner-up in speech and debate and a state championship swimmer. With his background, he serves as an athlete delegate to the USA Swimming House of Delegates, working to ratify inclusive policies for the over 300,000 members of USA Swimming. Additionally, as an invited Rotary Speaker, he highlights the struggles many minorities face in sports where they are underrepresented and advocates for increased mental health resources for student-athletes. He is also the President of the Civil Discourse Club, providing a space for students to freely express ideas about social injustices and foster tolerance for diverse perspectives.

Lakshya Jain

Wrentham, MA

Lakshya Jain is a published writer, researcher, educator, and global leader with over 100 articles on Medium covering AI, technology, politics, and business. An advocate for ethical AI education, Lakshya has coded multiple hackathon-winning apps, written for The Boston Globe, presented at Harvard and International Conferences, and lobbied at the Massachusetts State House. He has conducted research on AI, mobile network topologies, and climate weather data at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the Antarctic Meteorological Research Center. As a committed educator, Lakshya coaches his Math Team, facilitates professional development workshops for educators, and teaches Calculus and Physics. Currently, Lakshya manages Massachusetts State Representative Vaughn’s campaign while continuing his research at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He plans to attend Princeton University to study engineering and become an entrepreneur.

Yoonseo Jung

Carbondale, IL

Yoonseo is an internationally published researcher and a passionate changemaker dedicated to addressing human rights violations and educational inequalities. As the Youth Ambassador of UNA-USA, she led 20K+ members from 200+ chapters in spearheading advocacy platforms for Better World Campaign & World Refugee Day and was selected as 1/8 delegates globally to attend the 2023 UN World Oceans Day Conference. She founded Emerging Open Innovation Leaders to foster social entrepreneurship, where she taught students in Uganda and hosted an art auction to purchase tech devices for her students. Yoonseo is also a Carnegie Hall pianist, All-State Orchestra Concertmaster, National Beta Drawing Champion, FBLA State VP, and Community Directory of Global Entrepreneurship Network.

Avni Kabra

Niantic, CT

Avni is the founder and president of the non-profit, TeachingIsHelping. She works to bridge the academic gap in underserved communities by providing resources to those who otherwise cannot afford them. She is also an advocate for Alzheimer‘s Disease, hoping to improve patient care and broaden the scope of therapies and treatments. Avni has performed biochemistry research, be it in Yale‘s lab to better understand and combat splicing irregularities in neurological pathologies or with the US Navy Medical Research Lab to assess cognitive decline in overseas collisions. She has also developed a platform for Alzheimer‘s Disease in the community with her app, MemoAI, to foster stronger emotional and long-term memories within dementia patients.

Palash Kapoor

Cincinnati, OH

After receiving the “Most Likely to Reach Self-Actualization” award in psychology class, Palash is on a mission to make it a reality. As a peacebuilder & ambassador for Youth & Peace in Action, Palash has taken a charter to expand peace education globally. He also serves 5,500+ students as an Ohio DECA State Officer. Fascinated by the impact businesses have on society, Palash published research on Corporate Social Responsibility. At school, he‘s president of BizTech Club & National Honor Society. He is a Harvard Book Award recipient, Rotary Student of the Year, & DECA Glass winner. Palash spends his free time rapping on social topics, vlogging, & playing chess. He plans to merge his interests in business, tech, & peacebuilding in the future.

Sanjana Kavula

Mckinney, TX

Sanjana Kavula is a passionate young leader and an advocate dedicated to empowering her community. As the co-founder of 501(c) Project Pink, a nonprofit dedicated to women’s mental health, Sanjana has won international competitions, worked on legislation with city councils, and created global change. Continuing her advocacy, Sanjana is a published Photo Vogue photographer documenting social justice movements and her south-Indian heritage. At school, she founded HOSA and Key club, representing her school in State/Area roles. Furthermore, she conducted research at UT Southwestern on autoimmune encephalitis and developed a Python mechanism to query scientific databases. She plans to major in cognitive science and public policy in college.

Zeyneb Kaya

Saratoga, CA

Zeyneb Kaya is an activist and researcher promoting linguistic justice and diversity through technology. A Regeneron Finalist and Junior Science and Humanities Symposium National Honoree, Zeyneb has developed low-resource natural language processing algorithms and optimized methods to support underserved minority languages. She is the founder of Romeyka Everlasting, a 501(c)(3) computational language preservation nonprofit collecting hours of documentation and bringing awareness to suppressed voices. Zeyneb also advocates for STEM diversity in her research and as a Women in Data Science ambassador. She published “Breaking Barriers: Celebrating Women and Diversity in Data Science” and is an NCWIT Aspirations in Computing National Winner.

Isheta Kulshreshtha

Hockessin, DE

Isheta is the founder of Leveled Legislation, a global nonprofit that aims to inspire and empower youth to achieve gender parity through civic engagement. With 160+ youth involved in 21 states and 20 countries, she has designed projects to champion women‘s rights in legislation and impacted 34,000+ individuals. Isheta is also the President of the Delaware Entrepreneurship League, DE‘s first entrepreneurship network for youth. She spearheaded DelawareLaunch 2023, an event encouraging youth to innovate and pitch live for $750 in seed funding. In addition, Isheta is a Prudential Emerging Visionary, Carson Scholar, and REEF@UD Fellow. Isheta will study environmental, social, & governance factors for business and finance at The Wharton School.

Yusef Lateef

Elmont, NY

Yusef Lateef is an Afghan-American student at Elmont Memorial High School in New York. He has held leadership positions in multiple high school organization, including presidencies of Key Club, Science National Honor Society, and NYIT‘s Science Technology Entry Program. He has also started his research journey at Queens College, CUNY, where he is researching modeling neurodegenerative diseases in Caenorhabditis Elegans. Yusef is also the Valedictorian of his high school graduating class, has taken classes through Georgetown University and the University of Pennsylvania (of which he has received college credit from both), is a Questbridge National College Match recipient, and is a part of Brown University‘s class of 2028.

Do Hyeong Lee

Los Angeles, CA

Alex is an incoming Harvard student, the captain of the USA National Debate Team, and a two-time NSDA national champion. He championed the Vietnam World Schools Debating Championships (the first time the US won in 29 years) and won $3,000 for his school at LADWP Science Bowl. He is a four-time AIME qualifier with Distinction (top 1% in the world), a speaker for TED and at the United Nations General Assembly, and the producer and lead role of a documentary. He coordinated a clandestine social media startup, helped manage the Alzheimer‘s Association and Voices Beyond Assault, and interned for Loyola Law. You can find him gossiping about K-Dramas with his mom, playing with his archetypal Asian puppy, or learning the Laufey songs on the guitar.

Lauren Lee

Bartlesville, OK

Passionate about advocating for educational equity, Lauren Lee is the founder of Tutor Time, a program designed to serve the marginalized areas in her community through providing free tutoring services both in-person and online to students while also creating civic engagement opportunities for the youth in her town and beyond. Outside of Tutor Time, Lauren spends her time volunteering at nursing homes, Project Transformation, STARTALK, and baking for different charitable causes. Within her school, she serves as student body president, National Honor Society president, and as a member of her school district‘s superintendent advisory council. Lee‘s passion lies in the intersection of data and medicine and plans to major in microbiology.

Daisy Lehman

Wauwatosa, WI

Daisy Lehman pushes to amplify the voices of minorities and women and elevate democratic institutions. She is the founder/president of her school‘s Asian Student Union, editor of her District‘s award-winning Media Page, Communications Commissioner for the Milwaukee County Youth Commission, and an alumnus of the Democracy Summer Fellowship. She works to bring overlooked populations together and educate others to create a just world. Daisy is also Student Body President, tennis team captain, and president of Girls in STEM. She plans to study within the University of Pennsylvania‘s Nursing and Healthcare Management Program to become a leader in the healthcare field and curate ideas to improve outcomes for patients from vulnerable populations.

Mark Leschinsky

Hackensack, NJ

Mark Leschinsky is an award-winning filmmaker and social justice advocate. He founded the Student World Impact Film Festival (SWIFF) 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which is the first student-run film festival providing a platform for 12,156 artists in all 50 states and 149 countries. Mark‘s initiative led him to fundraise $198,000 in grants from Google, resulting in the distribution of his self-paced filmmaking curriculum to 476,621 underserved students in 161 countries. Mark has also become the first-ever youth distribution partner of Amazon Prime Video, in which he successfully distributed a student film from his film festival to 100 million people. In college, Mark plans to pursue his interests at the intersection of Economics and Film Studies.

Alexis Li

Chandler, TX

Alexis is a passionate innovator who advocates for equality in a variety of sectors. She created Youth Education Service to provide free tutoring for disadvantaged children. Beyond the standard classes, she held a STEM4All camp to introduce students to research resources and ran a public speaking program with Toastmasters. Eager to explore the applications of AI in the medical field, she created a model for the early detection of Alzheimer‘s and a second graph-based model for more generalized diagnosis of different mental disorders. An aspiring biomedical AI researcher, she hopes to combine the fields of computational biology, political science, and philosophy to found a startup for creating affordable and accessible medical solutions.

Joanna Lin

Boston, MA

A daughter of immigrant restaurant owners, Joanna draws from her upbringing, and her own journey running an online art shop with 5,000+ sales, to empower entrepreneurs and immigrants. Named one of Boston Business Journal‘s 25 Under 25, Joanna bridges founders and investors by leading a startup incubator at the non-profit yCITIES, running youth networking events and producing a video series called “Inside the Mind of An Investor.” As a journalist, she amplifies underreported voices while covering migration at the Sampan newspaper and spearheads an increase in coverage of community-facing, investigative topics at her school newspaper. She also teaches ESOL at her local immigrant education center. Joanna will be attending Harvard College.

Diego Lopez-Rodarte

Denver, CO

Diego Lopez-Rodarte is a Mexican-American activist and changemaker with core values in humanitarianism, community, and civic engagement. Dedicated to mitigating the socioeconomic and linguistic barriers confronting immigrants, he founded Youth for Humane Borders, an organization that provides deportation defense to immigrants imprisoned in detention centers to ensure families aren‘t forcibly separated. Furthermore, he uses his fluency in Spanish to provide ESL tutoring and prepare immigrants for their U.S. citizenship exams. He spends his free time practicing Chopin’s nocturnes, working at his family‘s restaurant, and spending time with his brothers. In the fall, Diego hopes to begin a Pre-Law track as an aspiring attorney and politician.

Hubert Lu

Houston, TX

Outgoing, visionary, and with a passion for education, Hubert Lu is at the forefront of making chemistry fun and accessible for young learners. Through his nonprofit, Bubble Science, he has launched a series of hands-on after-school workshops in elementary schools, bringing chemistry to life with interactive experiments. Beyond these workshops, Lu has created an educational blog that captivates over 30,000 readers with its inventive storytelling and playful writing style. Additionally, Lu has authored eight books that simplify complex chemical principles into engaging narratives, fostering understanding among children. Thanks to fundraising led by Hubert himself, these books have become invaluable resources for educators and students alike.

Amari Luu

Colorado Springs, CO

Amari Luu is an advocate and leader for change. In May of 2023, he founded the nonprofit, Apex SAT dedicated to free tutoring and now leads more than 120 volunteers and 5,200 students. In addition to this, Amari is a film translator for various Taiwanese feature length movie and documentary projects, having received praise from the Taiwanese government for his work. Political lobbying is also something Amari takes an active part of, helping advocate for medicare and insurance reform, culminating in an in-person meeting with the former Speaker of the House. Amari‘s main hobbies are building historical models and volunteering for the National Museum of World War II Aviation. Amari will be studying political science at Stanford this fall.

Rachel Ma

Foster City, CA

Rachel loves engineering of all kinds, and is especially interested in using her knowledge to give back to her community, whether that involves volunteering at local schools or leading workshops for underrepresented groups in STEM like girls and students with disabilities. Through her personal projects, like building an app that serves thousands of individuals across 27 countries, sending an experiment to space with her winning NASA TechRise Challenge team, and performing research presented internationally and published through IEEE, Rachel strives to be a changemaker. In her free time, Rachel adores volleyball and has competed at Junior National Championships in the Open division, and can often be found sipping tea while watching the sunrise.

Rayna Malhotra

Bethlehem, PA

Rayna is president and founder of Synapse Global Science Connections, an international non-profit that encourages scientific discovery through hands-on engagement in underresourced elementary schools across the globe. She hosts the award-winning NPR radio program ‘Teen Scientist,‘ where she brings young listeners stories of groundbreaking innovation in STEM disciplines, entirely from a youth perspective. She has conducted three years of bioengineering research at Lehigh University on epigenetic therapeutics for vascular tissue regeneration. Rayna leads her Varsity Speech and Debate team, local PERIOD. chapter, and regional branch of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. She enjoys reading, running, and astrophotography.

Eshaan Mani

Houston, TX

Eshaan Mani is a transmedia journalist and community wellbeing advocate. With a repertoire of 200+ pieces, he‘s contributed to 12+ local and national publications, including PBS NewsHour, TIME For Kids, and The Nation. His work has been lauded by Scholastic, Youth Journalism International, All-American Film Festival, and other global organizations. Eshaan also created the wellness web resource WellBase and has led wellness workshops for deaf students and refugees. Eshaan has worked with Baylor College of Medicine to assess refugee wellness needs and has helped build Houston‘s wellbeing infrastructure with the Mayor‘s Office. In his free time, he‘s found binging Bollywood movies and playing the dhol. He plans to major in sociology.

Joshua Martoma

Boca Raton, FL

Josh is a social scientist, speaker, and advocate! He co-founded KidsMates Inc. over eight years ago to bring a voice to children with incarcerated parents. Through KidsMates, he has established a book program in federal prison visiting rooms, published articles in The New York Times and KidsMates Chronicle, and spoken nationally on methods for developing resilience. Joshua has also interned at Recidiviz, a social tech non-profit, to develop software analyzing prison-related legislative decisions and served as a Youth Fellow to Worth Rises and The Osborne Association. In the future, Joshua hopes to explore computing as a tool to uncover trends hidden within complex social phenomena – like mass incarceration – and inform policy change.

Daniel Mathew

Clarksburg, MD

Daniel is a student passionate about using technology to help others. His work on skeleton reconstruction for mobile devices has won him 3rd Place in Biomedical Engineering at Regeneron ISEF, Regeneron STS Scholar, and JSHS National Finalist. Apart from biotechnology, he competes on an internationally acclaimed cybersecurity team, winning the world‘s largest online cybersecurity competition. In his free time, he loves playing the piano and serving at his church. Passionate about his faith, he strives to show the love and heart of Jesus Christ through his actions, acting in Easter performances with historically tens of thousands of viewers online and in-person and serving in food distribution outreaches in his community.

Aanand Mehta

Phoenix, AZ

Aanand is an impassioned scientist, musician, and medical technology advocate. He founded Magical Motors, an international 501(c)(3) that provides accessible independence to more than 45 children with disabilities, winning more than $30,000 and working with the UN, WHO, Boeing, Prudential, Ashoka, and more. His COVID-19 ML model research at ASU’s Hong Lab—widely regarded as the most accurate forecast nationally—is also used by the CDC and WHO for their national forecast. Also a UN Youth Advocate for child disability, Aanand strives to become a physician-advocate. He has also cherished singing Hindustani classical music for 13 years, playing cello for the Phoenix Youth Symphony for 7 years, and learning 4 languages through music and sitcoms.

Arnab Misra

Phoenix, AZ

Arnab Misra is a passionate leader, nationally-ranked athlete, internationally commended musician, and future physician who turns his visions into reality. He founded Maestro Piano Tutoring, a nonprofit teaching hundreds of musicians how to heal through piano, and is an accomplished trombone player for his state. He’s used his influence as an MLS Next athlete by becoming a 7-year lead organizer for his soccer club’s Special Olympics and the LiFe Foundation, where he raises awareness for mental health in athletes alongside helping develop the “LiFe Now” app. Arnab‘s connection to pediatric disorders has motivated him to become an MD/PhD pediatric neurologist, alongside his mentors who inspire him to give back to all the communities that have given him so much.

Manraj Mondair

Clovis, CA

Manraj Singh Mondair is an entrepreneur, researcher, and changemaker passionate about opportunity for all. He founded To Educate Adolescent Minds (T.E.A.M.), a global 501(c)(3) that bridges educational divides in underserved communities with AI, and was awarded the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award. As a BofA Student Leader, he spearheaded a $7.8M campaign that established youth educational programs in his county. Manraj also developed a database for Harvard‘s ANTARES laboratory through an MIT micro-internship, researched early-stage cures for Alzheimer’s at Stanford, and is developing the largest scientific-based GPT at Argonne National Lab and Intel. He does it all from the comfort of his grandfather‘s room as his primary caretaker!

Iveena Mukherjee

Hockessin, DE

Iveena is interested in the intersection of science and community to create environmental solutions. To reduce the impact of plastic waste, she researched a novel sustainable material, becoming an International BioGENEius Finalist. She was selected as a finalist for the US Earth Science Olympiad Team, and helps organize Delaware‘s Youth Environmental Summit. She currently serves on the National Roots & Shoots Youth Council, and is Delaware‘s Young Environmentalist of the Year. She was a National Chief Justice at NJC, and is a delegate for the USSYP. In her free time, she enjoys running, following the Eagles, and debating. She will be attending the University of Pennsylvania as part of the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology.

Katherine Murphy

Mission Hills, KS

Katie is a math-lover, writer and advocate for educational equity. She has conducted research in improvements to math education at MIT‘s Scheller Lab through the Research Science Institute and at Texas State University through Mathworks. She is the National Scholastic Press Association‘s 2023 National Writer of the Year, using articles to support multicultural inclusion as Editor-In-Chief of her school‘s student-run newspaper, The Harbinger. Katie is an Executive Leader for SHARE (a student-led service organization), the founder of a local math mentorship program for elementary schoolers, and a three-time tennis state champion. In her free time, she loves teaching aerial silks classes. Katie will be attending Harvard to pursue Mathematics.

Gabriella Nakai

Phoenix, AZ

Gabriella Nakai is a recognized national leader. She’s moderated discussions with the USDA, worked with the Department of Interior (DOI), advocated directly to the United States Treasurer for more impactful community funding, and spoken at the White House. She has served as a United National Indian Tribal Youth Earth Ambassador and was a Champion for Change at the Aspen Institute’s Center for Native American Youth, where she continues to serve on its board. She was part of the inaugural class of ‘Girls Leading Change,’ selected by the White House Gender Policy Council, and is a Cameron Impact Scholar. Gabbe also works at a yoga studio and is a certified yoga instructor, planning to pursue sustainability at Stanford University.

Aditya Nandyal

Broomfield, CO

A congressionally acclaimed app developer, Aditya Nandyal uses his Computer Science arsenal to take on prominent societal issues like the climate crisis and wealth disparity. Having worked as a development consultant for his local Kumon center and public health department, he is eager to explore the intersectionalities between public service and CS. When he isn‘t coding, Aditya can be found working with Congressman Joe Neguse to mitigate negative long-term effects of AI through legislation. In school, he serves as a NHS & CSHS officer and debate captain. A versatile student, Aditya is both a PF debate state finalist and a 100m breaststroke swimming state finalist. For fun, he enjoys exploring the outdoors and binging the Amazing Race.

Monica Nitu

Phoenix, AZ

Monica is passionate about writing, education equity, and medicine. She is the Founder of The Book Box Project 501(c)(3) garnering 1,185 books and $30,000 in donations earning Monica the Congressional Recognition. She is the Editor in Chief of her acclaimed high school literary magazine and founder of The Playful Porpoise literary magazine. Her creative writing/scientific research have received international awards and several Gold Keys, the American Voice Nominee in Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and a spot at Kenyon Workshop. She first authored a published research abstract in neurology and is a candidate for the Presidential Scholarship. In her free time, Monica volunteers at the Children’s Hospital and raised $22500 for cancer research through the LLS.

Olaoluwa Oguneye

Atlanta, GA

Olaoluwa Oguneye, an Atlanta Youth Poet Laureate Ambassador and Varsity Basketball standout, epitomizes compassion and service. As co-founder of Beacon United, he spearheaded the distribution of hundreds of meals to Atlanta‘s homeless. As co-founder and CEO of Hoop Legendz, a basketball camp that has generated over 200 registrations and over $16,000 in revenues, he ensures affordable access to basketball lessons for Atlanta‘s youth. A champion in national-level business case competitions, he exemplifies entrepreneurial excellence. Honored with the Georgia Youth Leadership Award and the Martin Luther King Jr. Award in his district, Olaoluwa is unwavering in his commitment to being a beacon of hope, love, and advocacy for the marginalized.

Diya Oommen

Salt Lake City, UT

Diya is a representative to the Utah State Board of Education, where she speaks for over 660,000 students. She is dedicated to youth advocacy, from civic engagement to mental health, and everything in between. She is a member of the SLC Mayor‘s Racial Equity in Policing Commission, is a captain for debate and mock trial, and spends time training students to run voter pre-registration drives. Aside from that, she uses her free time in running her small business, powerlifting, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets! She has been recognized as an “Emerging Youth Leader” by the Human Rights Commission of Salt Lake City and plans on continuing to advance on her journey of compassionate advocacy.

Emily Parker

Quakertown, PA

Emily is a driver of change—striving to foster an inclusive STEM environment within her community. Dedicated to providing STEM education to all, she is a founder of her schools’ STEM Club and Science NHS. Forging opportunity, she advocated for an Icelandic study of environmental sustainability. Immersed in healthcare, Emily works as a lab processor and an APU/PACU intern, observing surgeries and gaining exposure to clinical biotechnology. She explores design thinking while an engineering student at Lehigh University—allowing her to value inclusive design while researching prosthetics for amputee athletes. In college, Emily plans on studying biomedical engineering (pre-med) to prepare for a career advancing access to healthcare.

Hena Patel

Fremont, CA

Hena is dedicated to community service through education. Dedicated to combating the opioid epidemic, Hena has explored the multifaceted issue by conducting biomedical research at UCSF, optimizing mice models of addiction for effective neurotherapies to destigmatize addiction. Hena shares these research findings while interviewing other professionals through her radio show, “Sound of Mind” at Stanford‘s radio station. As the founder of the Butterfly Vision Charity, she also focuses on empowering other young women of underprivileged backgrounds by increasing their access to STEM education. During her undergrad at Cornell University, Hena plans on studying neuroscience and chemistry to prepare for a career in expanding healthcare access.

Naisha Patel

Ashburn, VA

Naisha is 1 of only 20 individuals in history who hold a top secret security clearance under the age of 18. She uses this opportunity to publish research and educate others on underreported topics. She advocates for women‘s rights in 32+ countries through her global nonprofit Girls Who Math, and improves her immediate community through holding a seat on her state‘s board of education, founding the BigSibs program for 1000+ students in the DMV, and working with local authors after reading their Advance Reader Copies. At school, she captains her school‘s Model UN team ranked top 5 in the nation, and leads Namaste, the largest cultural club at her school. Naisha plans on studying Data Science in conjunction with International Relations.

Javier Junior Patricio Santo

Lynn, MA

Javier Patricio, CEO of three nonprofits, champions community empowerment. Through The Wings of Compassion Initiative, he supports bedbound youth. The Empower Scholars Initiative mentors high-achieving students for higher education. Javier’s Harvest Hope fights food insecurity with community engagement. A two-time varsity men’s volleyball captain and four-year coach, Javier leads both on and off the court. An avid researcher tackling Alzheimer’s symptoms via deep brain electrical stimulation, Javier has been a Best Buddies Leader since 2017. He also works part-time as a pharmacy technician. As the sixth of nine children in a Dominican family, Javier’s commitment to community, education, and research defines his inspiring journey.

Sruti Peddi

Fountain Hills, AZ

Sruti Peddi is dedicated to speaking up and advocating for her community. She is a Lead Volunteer Advocate with the ACLU and is currently spearheading canvassing for the Arizona-wide pro-choice ballot. As co-founder of the nonprofit Civication, Sruti bridges civic education gaps and encourages voters-to-be of all backgrounds. Sruti is a national speech & debate champion, ranked at the top of the country, and leads The Extemper’s Bible, a national nonprofit, in providing debate resources for all. She’s also helped raise over $300,000 for her library as Director for her local Friends of the Library. Her research on Southeast Asia flood detection was awarded by ISEF, the Stockholm Water Prize, and more. Sruti is passionate about politics, indie flicks, and boba.

Lily Peng

Columbia, MD

Lily is a passionate advocate. The first and sole Corresponding Secretary and Student Commissioner of the Howard County Asian American Pacific Islander Commission, she furthers equity and representation. She co-founded Project Lotus, an AAPI youth advocacy organization, leading student testimony to support multiple key pieces of legislation for representation and rights, pioneering cultural celebrations for thousands, and working for more AAPI representation in school curricula. A debater since 4th grade, she‘s coached hundreds of students in speech and debate and championed the International Public Policy Forum, NSDA Season Opener, Harvard, Georgetown, and other tournaments. She hopes to continue her work as an advocate for all voices.

Taylor Petrofski

Suwanee, GA

Taylor is an enthusiastic young leader passionate about serving her community whether it be on a local, national, or global scale. Taylor is student body president, editor-in-chief of her school’s newspaper, and a representative on her Superintendent’s Advisory Board, where she is addressing the socioeconomic inequalities related to academic achievement within her county. Taylor has also served as a Key Club International Trustee, helping to coordinate the volunteer efforts of over 250,000 high school students worldwide. After studying computer science at Georgia Tech, Taylor is researching the vast ethical implications of generative artificial intelligence and plans to explore this interest further by majoring in CS and philosophy in college.

Emily Pickering

Memphis, TN

Emily Pickering is a writer committed to advocacy and activism. Her writing has been published in national literary journals and recognized by the National YoungArts Foundation, the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, the Adroit Prizes, and the National Youth Poet Laureate program, in addition to professional work with The Adroit Journal and Urban Word NYC. She is passionate about using art to uplift student voices and has a background in climate and political activism. At her school, Emily is a creative writing major, former Editor-in-Chief of her school‘s literary journal, managing editor on the founding team of her school newspaper, and a student government representative. She will study comparative literature and journalism in college.

Anya Pinto

Plantation, FL

Anya Pinto is a student activist who grew up in Mumbai, India before moving to Florida as a teenager. She started “ActionPAKT: Projects Advocating for a Kinder Tomorrow” to improve news literacy and encourage action among youth, eventually expanding it to 1,200 students in 26 countries and raising over $20,000 cumulatively. As Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Patriot Post, she builds awareness by writing about cultural practices the media often contorts. Anya also serves as Co-President of her Model UN Team where she organized local conferences to recruit students, tripling female involvement. As Bullets4Life Ambassador, Anya organized 7 No-Bullet-Zone gun control workshops to destroy bullets, make bracelets, and fundraise for victims‘ families.

Sofía Polar

Atlanta, GA

Sofía is an award-winning entrepreneur and community advocate who hopes to help create a more equitable world. She’s held leadership roles in international non-profit organizations and school clubs where, among other activities, she’s involved in helping underprivileged communities in rural Peru suffering from the effects of climate change and tutoring migrant students in Atlanta. Her passion for discovery has led her to send experiments aboard the International Space Station to study the effects of microgravity on various organisms, speak at the UN General Assembly Hall, and research the impact of cryptocurrency fluctuations on the financial well-being of Gen Z. Sofía is an avid cellist and plans to study Biochemistry and Economics to pursue a Public Heath career.

Alanna Polyak

Plano, TX

Alanna Polyak is a dedicated youth leader and advocate, with passions in neurology and children’s wellbeing guiding her actions. Alanna has pioneered research utilizing earthworms, as a model organism, aimed to both cure and prevent neurodegenerative conditions, in an affordable, accessible manner, with innovative techniques utilizing Neoblast cells; her work has been recognized by Regeneron ISEF, Regeneron STS, NJSHS, and Rise for the World. She has further aided in movements and direct implementations of safety measures regarding children’s safety and anti-abuse efforts, helping lead programs placing thousands of children out of harmful situations– forming long-lasting relationships that inspire her continuously throughout her future.

Clelia Poujade

Chicago, IL

Clelia Poujade is passionate about STEM, entrepreneurship, and community service. Bilingual, and raised around French cooking, she founded Hands Together to Feed Chicago, leading volunteers to serve over 7,500 meals statewide using her culinary skills. An avid entrepreneur, she runs her own Etsy shop, SeleneDesignsArt, which has grown to 5.5k+ sales and 7.5m+ social media impressions. Clelia discovered a passion for biomedical engineering when conducting summer research at Northwestern University, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and Rush Medical Center. Her dream is to pursue an MD/MBA and combine her loves of service, entrepreneurship, and STEM to found a biotech startup improving the accessibility and affordability of healthcare.

Bannon Price

Ashdown, AR

Bannon Price is a grassroots activist fighting for increased civic engagement and social equity across Arkansas. He founded the Arkansas Initiative for Change, which focuses on empowering youth to become more involved in politics. Bannon also uses his position as the Arkansas Youth Governor and member of Senator Boozman‘s Congressional Youth Cabinet to advocate for policies fighting education and healthcare inequity in rural areas. Bannon serves as Student Council vice-president, a delegate to the United States Senate Youth Program, a National Foundation for Cancer Research youth ambassador, and a member of the Little River County Health Coalition. Bannon plans to study political science and public policy in college.

Emily Price

Meridian, MS

Emily Price is a motivated leader, advocate, and encouraging presence. Serving as the president of the Student Council, National Honor Society, and Empowerment for Women in STEM club has given her a platform to lead towards positive change within her school. As a Gold Scout Gold Award recipient, she was able to contribute to the historical preservation of a landmark in her city. As a Junior Ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation, she extended her scope of influence nationally by raising funds for research and advocating to lawmakers about issues affecting children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). Living with JIA has inspired her to become a Pediatric Rheumatologist. Her hobbies include pickleball and scuba diving.

Laura Pulido

Lone Tree, CO

Laura Pulido, a senior at Highlands Ranch High School, has served five years on the City of Lone Tree‘s Youth Commission. Moved by her observations as a Lone Tree Teen Court foreperson for six years, Laura has used her city positions to champion campaigns on mental health, vaping, and food insecurity. At school, she is National Honor Society Co-President, Mock Trial Co-Captain, and CyberPatriots competitor. During summers, Laura was a 2021 Colorado Student Leaders Institute alum, 2022 Colorado School of Mines Lab intern, and 2023 MIT Mathroots alum. In 2024, she received the Hispanic Heritage Foundation‘s gold community service medal. In college, Laura intends to merge cybersecurity and applied math.

Navin Ramesh

Lowell, MA

Navin Ramesh is an aspiring physician and environmental policymaker, with passion for sustainable healthcare. A FEMA National YPC Councilman, he designed and distributed 5000+ preparedness resources across the Northeast‘s most vulnerable communities and co-led a nationwide psychological first aid training. Advocating for SAMA, Red Cross, and the MRC, he‘s discovered his lifelong calling: compassionate medicine in the communities of highest need. Co-founder and cartoonist of Spirit E-magazine, he‘s advanced educational equity, raising money for underprivileged students‘ education. Navin is the CCHS student body and NHS President. He loves reading Calvin and Hobbes, playing hockey with friends, and being immersed in the New England outdoors.

Rohan Ramprasad

Chester Springs, PA

Rohan Ramprasad is a leader passionate about his local community. As president of the Uwchlan Ambulance Corps Junior Program, he has grown it to the largest EMS-only junior program in the Mid-Atlantic. He certifies members as “Ambulance Aids,” where they assist in treating patients on live 911 calls at as young as 15 years old. Rohan is also a researcher at Temple University‘s College of Public Health in the Patient-Centered Decision-Making Lab where he works to enhance local healthcare policy by improving treatment plans for ALS patients and families. At school, he is an officer of his HOSA chapter, plays varsity basketball, and loves his economics class. This fall, Rohan will attend the University of Pennsylvania to study Philosophy, Politics, & Economics.

Gautam Ray

Flowood, MS

Gautam Ray is a scientist committed to increasing access to effective medication and leader in the Greater Jackson community. He created his school‘s Biology Service Club, where he has organized projects with public-health organizations, like Ridgeland‘s Diabetes Foundation, and led labs relating to bacterial transmission, fostering awareness for disease-stricken communities. He has also conducted biomedical research, from ISEF-qualifying MRSA findings at Jackson State University to neuroscience experimentation via MIT‘s Research Science Institute (RSI). Additionally, he leads his school‘s Quiz Bowl team and serves as student body historian. Outside school, he enjoys playing classical piano and performing molecular gastronomy experiments as an amateur chef.

Suraj Reddy

Newark, DE

Suraj is an ambitious entrepreneur/innovator who aims to produce technology that can impact generations to come, such as his current venture, ISMER, a material preventing 7-mag. earthquakes for merely $4,400. Suraj, an experienced leader, has raised multiple angel funds from investors for his ventures. Reddy is an avid researcher, with 2 first-authored papers and additional first-authored papers in progress at institutes like Stanford University. He serves as an advocate for scientific access, heading the Delaware Aerospace Association, aiming to expand to a national high school research incubator with NASA. He plans to attend MIT, where he will study EECS + Finance and become a deep-tech entrepreneur. He is the son of Rajendar and Subhashini Reddy.

Avery Redlich

Plantation, FL

Avery Redlich is a scientist, writer, activist, musician, and friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The youngest HOSA State Officer in Florida history, she represented 14,000 future health professionals. Avery founded Tight-Knit, earning her Girl Scout Gold Award by providing dignity and warmth to the homeless and national education with 1.1 million reached. She is an international Chinese singing champion, PTSD researcher, and Ambassador through United Way. An Editor-in-Chief and published author, she is recognized by the NY Times, Kenyon Review, and Scholastic Art & Writing, where she‘s a 25-time awardee. A six-time President‘s Volunteer Service Award winner, Avery will continue serving others (and watching Marvel movies) at Brown University.

Omar Reyes

Houston, TX

If innovation means having the boldness to imagine possibilities beyond the current limitations, Omar aims to represent this spirit. Omar is an inquisitive senior thriving at the intersection of science, ethical innovation, and community service. He spends time researching spinal cord therapies while co-leading ReactGlove, a startup helping Parkinson‘s patients regain hand stability. Omar also serves on Houston‘s Mayor‘s Youth Council tackling issues affecting at-risk youth. As an avid fencer, he earned distinctions like 3x All-American First Team and an invitation to Mexico’s national junior team. Omar looks forward to fencing NCAA while pursuing his interests in economics, neuroscience, and ethical innovation at Johns Hopkins University.

Ethan Rhee

La Canada, CA

Ethan is the Founder/Co-Founder of two youth-led non-profits. Through The Holos Project, he works to pair Ukrainian university students with American volunteers who help them write published memoirs about the ongoing war. The Holos Project has partnered with organizations including The Ukrainian National Federation (CA), ENGin, and The Voices of Children Foundation. Through Published Points of View, Ethan teaches media literacy and communication skills to students nationwide through interactive journalism. He is also the Junior State of America‘s National Director of Publicity and competes on the USA Fencing national circuit. Ethan plans to attend Columbia as a Cameron Impact Scholar and is pursuing a career in social innovation.

Abigail Rosas

Chicago, IL

Abigail Rosas has always had a passion for storytelling. She is an active member in her Latino community, working closely with a non-profit to bring resources to underprivileged community members. She worked to create award-winning projects that helped highlight injustices like gentrification, food desserts, and food waste. Her passion inspired her to pursue education outside of her school and engage herself in international conversations about journalism and advocacy. She has written a number of published articles, aiming to educate others. Her goal is to use writing to create an inclusive space for others and uplift marginalized voices. After graduating high school, she plans on double majoring in journalism and political science.

Nick Rui

Greenwood Village, CO

Nick is a dedicated math educator who believes learning should be fun and engaging. Through his TikTok channel, Nick‘s Numerals, he teaches thousands of students math concepts through pop culture and internet trends, everything from analyzing the calculus behind Spotify album streams to studying the statistics behind ball hogging in the NBA. Nick is also curious about the intersection between math and the social sciences, an idea he teaches and explores throughout his 164-page book, Counting Like Sloths. By outreaching his book to local schools and libraries, Nick has advocated for the importance of interdisciplinary learning, working to demystify the false dichotomy between STEM and the humanities that traditional schooling has emphasized.

Brendan Salisbury

Phoenix, AZ

Brendan Salisbury is a passionate, internationally-minded advocate. As a 2023 Bezos Scholar, he raised over $15,000 as the founder of Mynd Revolution, a district-wide effort to establish mental health wellness centers providing self-regulatory resources for Arizona high schoolers in collaboration with local nonprofits. In addition, Brendan chairs his Superintendent Student Executive Council, AZ Bring Change to Mind Teen Advisory Board, and Interact District 5495 Board for the West half of Arizona. Earning his Eagle Scout at 14, he also worked to hand-build an obstacle course for an endangered species of horse he grew up with. Brendan works as a servant-leader, empowering his community with the societal and systemic resources needed to thrive.

Melody Sapione

Port Chester, NY

Melody Sapione is passionate about uplifting marginalized communities through service and advocacy. In her community, she worked alongside her church to create a food pantry for those facing food scarcity in her hometown, providing nourishment to 60+ families. She takes this further by being a World Vision Ambassador where she has fundraised over $10,000 and fasted for 30 hours to raise awareness about hunger worldwide. She was selected as a Yale Women in Economics Scholar, presenting winning research on the impact of market failures on minorities at the conference. She has also worked to aid the refugee population in Clarkston, GA with Envision Atlanta. In her free time, she enjoys baking her iconic Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Nathan Saud

Las Vegas, NV

Nathan is an explorer and advocate for equality in education, always seeking new boundaries to push and people to meet. An avid scientific researcher with a pending material patent and research paper, he has also collaborated with the Department of Energy and Transportation to reduce waste and promote renewable energy, receiving international recognition for his work. With a passion for teaching, Nathan has helped expand equitable education efforts both at his school as well as globally, primarily in Nepal, where he’s aided in passing education bills, built schools, and hosted virtual classes teaching computer science and math. Nathan plans to study environmental engineering in college to preserve interactions between humanity and nature.

Elyssa Schatz

Campbell, MO

Elyssa Schatz is an ambitious and leadership-oriented senior at Campbell High School. She currently holds the office of National Liaison for the State of Missouri in FCCLA. Elyssa is involved in the community through both school activities and local town events. This includes planning and hosting a hygiene drive for children in the local foster car system. This is an outreach Elyssa is passionate about due to the struggles she has witnessed that face small communities, as well as her beliefs that everyone has the right to equal opportunities, both personal and professional. After graduating from high school, Elyssa plans to major in Business Administration and attend SEMO. Her long-term goal is to obtain both her masters and doctorate.

Christopher Schwarting

Haverford, PA

Christopher Schwarting is a community organizer and storyteller. As a founding member of the National Diversity Coalition, he directed a network of over 250 student social justice leaders from 30 states to distribute advocacy materials among youth activists and their communities. A passionate writer, he also created the Youth Voice Project, a local organization that seeks to democratize access to creative writing materials and is currently expanding to young writers nationwide. He is a fellow at The Germination Project of Philadelphia and a mentee at The Adroit Journal. At school, Christopher conducts research covering forgotten city histories and serves as Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper and literary magazine. He plans to study History and Literature in college.

Dhruti Shah

Dublin, OH

Dhruti is a dynamic changemaker and social entrepreneur committed to building a more inclusive community. A top-ranked competitive chess player, Dhruti has championed in dozens of tournaments at the state and national levels. Founder of Knightingales Chess Academy – a chess coaching and camp business – as well as her nonprofit ChessBlazers, she believes in the power of quality education in empowering the most marginalized. Within school, Dhruti is involved in development economics research and is President of her school‘s Interact and Entrepreneur Club. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, learning German, and planning multicultural events. She plans to attend the University of Pennsylvania’s Huntsman Dual Degree Program in Business and Intl. Studies this fall.

Baala Shakya

San Antonio, TX

Baala Shakya is an advocate and leader dedicated to advancing educational equity and accessibility. As a long-time volunteer—and now the youngest US board member—for The Book Fairies Worldwide, Baala has led promotional campaigns on newly-released books by top publishing houses and universities, uplifting BIPOC voices and attention on global movements while working alongside celebrities such as Amanda Gormon, Mark Ruffalo, the Duke and Duchess of Wales, and more. As a Book Fairy, she strives to eliminate book deserts. With a 140k+ audience across social media platforms, Baala also champions a variety of causes—from intersectional Asian activism to environmental conservation through her photography—deeming no effort nor issue too small.

Leo Shao

Pleasanton, CA

Leo Shao is a scientist and budding entrepreneur. He serves as the State President of California DECA, facilitating a membership increase of 600+ while leading 6,500+ members through workshops, chapter visits, leadership meetings with chapter presidents, leadership guides, advocacy in Sacramento, and conference planning, alongside placing 2nd internationally at ICDC. He has conducted projects on mTBI and CTE at the Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research, science social media outreach at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and was also a Michigan Math & Science Scholar. He’s a Morgan Stanley Jumpstart Scholar and U.S Presidential Scholars CTE candidate (1 of 4 nominated by CA’s CSSO). He loves the outdoors and long runs.

Saachi Sharma

Bellevue, WA

Saachi Sharma is a published scientific researcher dedicated to engineering solutions for human health. She has conducted graduate-level research at Johns Hopkins University and hospitals in the Pacific Northwest, earning international recognition for her work. Sharma‘s contributions include a novel diagnostic tool for depression, therapies for multiple sclerosis, and programed analyses of healthcare accessibility. As an active community member, Sharma advocates for proper and innovative medical treatments and received a scholarship to study in Tajikistan, where she lived with a local doctor to deepen her understanding of global health systems. She plans to study bioengineering and neurology to continue bridging technological gaps in medicine.

Richelle Shi

Long Grove, IL

Richelle Shi mobilizes youth voices to reform healthcare policy and equalize organ transplantation. As a director on the national board of SODA, she leads 65 chapters to register teen donors. She works with numerous procurement organizations like UNOS and interned for the American Transplant Foundation. Richelle is also a passionate concert musician, competing nationally and founding SAPA 501(c)(3), a nonprofit which builds instrumental labs and provides free piano accompaniment. At school, she leads the TEDx club and started a PERIOD chapter. She has presented at conferences on her research in varying fields, from music therapy to kidney rejection. Additionally, she coordinated a research course for underserved high schoolers at Chicago Medical School.

Shine Gerkariah

Grand Prairie, TX

Shine Gerkariah is a researcher and advocate dedicated to educational equity. As the founder and executive director of Shine‘s Souvenirs, he has created tens of thousands of ergonomic toys to donate to patients at the Muscular Dystrophy Association Residential Program. As Advocacy Director of the Texas Alliance for Minorities In Engineering and an Ambassador for the Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce, he lobbies alongside lawmakers, cultivates partnerships, and promotes diversity and inclusion in STEM fields. Shine has been commended nationally by the Rainbow Alliance for his advocacy in LGBTQ+ rights, NCWiT for his efforts in supporting gender minorities in computing, and First Robotics for his significant impact on STEM education.

Richa Shukla

Bloomington, IL

Richa is the founder of Meet the Stars, an initiative that aims to diversify astronomy by teaching girls and students of color about exoplanets and constellations. Passionate about astrophysics and inclusivity, Richa has published research on the rate of the expansion of the universe after the Big Bang and on systemic sexism and racism within NASA. She also co-founded her school‘s Philosophy Club and serves as an editor for The Cogito Review, a peer-reviewed, international philosophy journal. Within her community, Richa is a charter member of her local NAACP Youth Council and helped design her town‘s Cultural Diversity Center. Richa was named a 2023 Coolidge Senator, and she plans to study astrophysics and philosophy in college.

Ali Siddiqui

San Ramon, CA

Ali Siddiqui is a social justice advocate and changemaker with a passion for impactful policymaking. As an aspiring lawmaker, Ali works with California legislators on projects to advance equity and privacy rights. Having led local initiatives, he leverages his policy-oriented mindset to advocate for marginalized communities. In the future, Ali aims to revolutionize the lawmaking process by promoting representation and ensuring everyone‘s voice is valued. As a leader in his school & community, Ali serves his peers on the Student Site Council, Science National Honors Society, & TEDx. In the fall, Ali is considering attending the University of California, Berkeley to amplify his impact on others.

Rahul Solleti

Apex, NC

Rahul Solleti is the founder of NC CodeGram, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to proliferating digital literacy education through teaching students the applications of computer science with UNESCO-aligned curriculums in rural regions across the United States. Also passionate about biomedical research, Rahul is currently developing a butyricum-based pharmaceutical as a biomedical engineering intern at Johnson and Johnson to remedy gastrointestinal diseases. Furthermore, he holds a patent for SurgiAR, an innovation harnessing patient-specific 3D renderings to direct surgeons during osteosarcoma operations. In the future, Rahul plans to study biomedical engineering and computer science and has dreams of founding his own biotechnology company.

Aakash Suresh

Pembroke Pines, FL

Aakash is a researcher, advocate, athlete, and biotech innovator. He is Chair of Joshua’s Heart Foundation, a non-profit focusing on ending world hunger reaching 15 countries and feeding millions. Aakash has created multiple AI projects to end food insecurity by predicting hunger hotspots, working with DataKind and Congressman Maxwell Frost. Through his research at FIU, Scripps, Stanford, and the NIH, he has published 4 papers and completed 7 projects ranging from identifying breast cancer subtypes to debiasing AI in healthcare, he has been recognized by JEI and multiple research symposiums. Aakash is also the captain of his school’s Debate Team, a captain of his Tennis Team, and his Robotics Team, achieving national-level awards in all 3.

Aswin Surya

San Jose, CA

Aswin Surya empowers global voices through technology. As the founder of Eloquence, a real-time sign language translation app, he enabled expression for cochlear implant patients. As president of the Student Machine Learning Coalition, he democratized STEM education for 27,000 students across 167 countries, established 8 chapters across the US, India, and Nepal, and hosted free workshops at local libraries. A nationally-ranked congressional debater and team captain, he helps students find their voice while advocating for change. His computer vision research at NASA, MIT, and Stanford has contributed to novel healthcare solutions. Beyond research, Aswin expresses his creativity as an accomplished Carnatic vocalist and mridangam artist.

Courtney Sweet

Johnston, IA

Courtney is an influencer, leader, and positive change-maker pursuing ongoing opportunities to educate and advance policy. She has a passion for public speaking and an innate drive to initiate change. Currently, she is a National Youth Ambassador for the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, President of Iowa Students for Tobacco Education & Prevention and Student Representative on the School Improvement Advisory Committee. She advocated for the passage of Tobacco 21 and has spoken at press conferences with current and former governors. Coaching a middle school mock trial state-champion team solidified her ability and strong desire to empower others. Courtney will attend Washington University in St Louis and aspires to leave a lasting impact through advocacy.

Paisley Tabor

Hurricane, WV

Paisley is passionate about STEM and sharing her excitement with the next generation. She collaborates with her former robotics team to lead community outreach, engaging students in STEM through interactive presentations. As the only female in her school‘s Aerospace Engineering course, Paisley advocates for increased female representation. Serving as President of the Society of Women Engineers club, Paisley orchestrates engaging events with female industry leaders. She is also Founder of her school‘s Academic Showdown Team. Beneath her STEM pursuits lies a surprising hobby: quilting. Paisley is a Quilts of Valor member, where she recently honored a Purple Heart Recipient with a handmade quilt. This fall, Paisley will attend Stanford University to study engineering.

Devan Tatlow

Washington, DC

Devan, a two-time cancer survivor, believes kids everywhere deserve access to life-saving treatment. Devan lives in Washington, DC, where he helped set up the US chapter of Tabletochki, Ukraine‘s largest children‘s cancer charity. As US Outreach Director, he works with international organizations, nonprofits and governmental agencies, including the WHO, USAID and Congress, to help pediatric cancer patients in Ukraine‘s warzones. Devan is also passionate about art‘s healing power and is chief archivist for In America: Remember, a massive flags exhibit on the National Mall that commemorated COVID victims. A National Marshall-Brennan Moot Court champion and State Department Youth Ambassador, he‘s seeking solutions to global problems.

Anona Thomas

San Antonio, TX

Anona Thomas is a passionate advocate and scientist. Recognizing barriers to mental healthcare accessibility, she founded Mentis Minds, an organization providing free psychotherapy services to hundreds of youth globally. As an ambassador of the National Council of Mental Wellbeing, she provides insight on mental health and substance use at national conferences. Her work as a substance use disorder researcher includes publications on novel cocaine treatments. Beyond medicine, Anona is a girls‘ rights activist, advocating at the United Nations. She also promotes environmental sustainability by introducing it into dozens of school curricula across Asia. She intends to integrate healthcare and policy, aspiring to reform the healthcare system.

Edward Thomas

Willowbrook, IL

Edward Thomas is a youth leader, from Willowbrook, Illinois, who’s involved in the eating disorder advocacy and youth-tech relations spaces. Edward has helped champion youth voice for a number of legislative efforts, including the Kids Online Safety Act, the California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, and the Anna Westin Legacy Act. Beyond his policy work, Edward enjoys writing, having published A Step Into The Mind, an introductory book on real-life applications of psychology for tweens and teens, and Nashtappetta Nimishangal: Lost Moments, an anthology on his experiences as part of the Malayalee Diaspora. Edward hopes to continue applying his interest in health system-improvement through policy- and community-work as he pursues the path to physicianship.

Kyle Tianshi

San Diego, CA

Kyle Tianshi is an inventor, environmental advocate, published author, and filmmaker. After conducting research that was recognized by ISEF, the 3M Young Scientist Challenge, and the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, he co-founded Clearwater Innovation to encourage student environment research and raise awareness about the global water crisis. He is president of the San Diego Science Fair Student Leadership Board and captain of his school‘s speech and debate team. Kyle was a national YoungArts winner in filmmaking and has been featured in several environmental documentaries. He plans to attend Stanford University next fall and study at the intersection of science, policy, and storytelling.

Sohum Trivedi

Duluth, GA

Sohum is committed to making technology more accessible. Most passionately, he founded TechEase, an organization dedicated to bridging the digital divide among older adults through workshops at county senior centers. Simultaneously, Sohum loves to research; he focuses on lowering the costs of the most powerful technologies. At home, he built ultra-low-cost prototypes for a non-invasive glucometer for diabetics and a combined PEP flutter + incentive spirometer device for patients with Cystic Fibrosis, making him an ISEF finalist. Last summer, Sohum continued this focus at Princeton University, designing a low-cost attachment enabling fluorescent microscopy. Studying engineering in college, Sohum will continue his dedication to accessibility.

Riya Tyagi

Exeter, NH

Riya is a researcher, entrepreneur, and advocate for educational equity. With a research background spanning Stanford University, Harvard Medical School, and NASA, she innovates in the fields of AI ethics and environmental science. Riya is a Regeneron STS Finalist, an NCWIT National Award Winner, and has been recognized in Science and Computing Olympiads. She leads her school‘s Computing Club and the programming group on 15534 VERTEX, a world finalist robotics team. In 2019, Riya founded HerComputing, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and created a STEM board game used in 100+ schools. She also founded Troop 19, an all-girl Boy Scouts troop, and joined the first class of female Eagle Scouts. She is a recipient of the Congressional Award Gold Medal.

Anjali Veerareddy

Shreveport, LA

Anjali Veerareddy is a passionate community leader and changemaker devoted to promoting healthcare equity and combating educational disparities. As the Co-Founder of The Vijaya Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Anjali has donated over $100,000 worth of medical supplies to low-budget government and private hospitals in South India. Anjali also serves as a Youth Advisory Board of Directors member for Providence House, spreading awareness of homelessness in her community. At school, Anjali is the Co-President of Spread the Success, a service organization working to promote quality education, Vice President of the National Honor Society, and Representative of Girl Up and UNICEF. Anjali plans to study economics and finance in college.

Reesa Venterea

Mounds View, MN

Reesa, a Mexican-American grassroots activist and entrepreneur, founded Self First, a youth organization dedicated to Self Love and Social Justice through empowering writing. She is a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion researcher for APi Group, working with workplace diversification models to recommend international hiring strategies. She began the first student newspaper at her majority-BIPOC school, amplifying voices often censored in media. As a Representative for her city‘s Human Rights Commission, Reesa lobbies to combat educational inequity within her district. She is a Climate Group lecturer on local environmental issues and runs a violin teaching business, String Theory. Reesa will be attending Columbia University to study Human Rights and Applied Mathematics.

Danielle Wang

Rochester, MN

Danielle is an activist, artist, and scientist. As a UNICEF USA Youth Representative, she helped pilot Minneapolis to become the second Child-Friendly City in the U.S. Danielle‘s passion for social justice intertwines with her lifelong hobby of art. Her oil paintings vividly capture human experiences and decorate the walls of the Capitol Building, Mayo Clinic, and local galleries. Danielle has a niche in fusing humanities and sciences. With her research in public health and ethical clinical decision-making, Danielle presented at many national conferences and won the Regeneron Biomedical Science Award. At school, she is a multi-sport athlete, 3x State Champion in BPA, and debate team captain. Danielle aspires to elevate the medical field.

Rebecca Wang

San Jose, CA

Rebecca Wang is an entrepreneur solving societal issues. Her most notable work is SIREN, an AI gunshot detection and communication device in response to school shootings. Rebecca founded Hydra Hacks in 2020, which became the West Coast’s largest hackathon for girls (5,000+). An extension of the organization is Dare to Dream, an app on promoting gender equity in tech. Her impact has earned recognition and funding from Apple‘s CEO Tim Cook, Google, People Magazine, NBC News, and more. Rebecca serves as the Vice Chair of the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls Youth Advisory. Also, she conducted autonomous systems research at Stanford, MIT, UCSC, and UCSD. Rebecca will attend Stanford University in the fall.

Mollie Kate Webb

Glasgow, KY

Mollie Kate Webb is from Glasgow, Kentucky. She is a senior at Barren County High School who plans to attend Oklahoma State University in the fall to pursue a degree in Agricultural Leadership and Communications. Her greatest accomplishment thus far has been serving as the National Senior Beta Leadership Ambassador in 2022-23. She is passionate about encouraging youth in agriculture and being a voice for the American farmer. She lives on a cow-calf operation in south-central Kentucky and shows registered Simmental and SimAngus cattle with her sister at local, state, and national level shows. In the future, Mollie hopes to pursue her passion for agriculture by being a lobbyist for a commodity group to push for positive agricultural policy.

Sophia Weber

Herington, KS

Sophia Weber has navigated her journey through international adoption by choosing a perspective of joy. She is a student from rural Kansas who is passionate about helping young children envision a more abundant life for themselves. Sophia knows no strangers and has served in leadership roles at the local, state, and national levels. She is a former National Future Business Leaders of America Mountain Plains Region Vice President and current Kansas State High School Activities Association Student Advisory Team Board Member. She created a youth basketball team for low-income families and founded her high school’s broadcasting club. Sophia is attending Auburn University in the fall, where she will major in Journalism with aspirations to become a sports broadcaster.

Benjamin Who

Houston, TX

Ben is a changemaker dedicated to championing educational equity. His non-profit, Giveducation, partners with industry-leading learning companies and Fortune 500 corporations to deliver educational resources for underserved students, and has been recognized by the U.S. Congress. A believer in the importance of ethics education, Ben founded his school‘s Ethics Bowl club and developed an ethics curriculum for teens. He was one of two Americans selected to represent the nation at the International Philosophy Olympiad and won Grand Prize in the John Locke Institute‘s Global Essay Contest. Ben is also an international public speaking and debate champion, Bank of America Student Leader, and Congressional Award Gold Medalist. He will attend Harvard College in the fall.

Angelina Xu

Boyds, MD

Angelina Xu is a passionate social and climate justice advocate. She co-founded the 501(c)(3) youth-led non-profit Compostology to establish composting and food recovery programs at schools, securing a $48,000 grant from the World Wildlife Fund. Using her expertise, Angelina influenced and helped pass the first school food waste reduction grant in Maryland‘s history, allocating $1.25 million for over 1,400 schools. As a student leader, Angelina has chaired student leadership development conferences as the President of her state‘s student government association, implemented the first countywide personal finance course, and hosted Congressional lobbying days. Angelina will attend Harvard to study Environmental Science and Public Policy.

Iris Xue

Southaven, MS

Iris Xue is a diligent leader dedicated to improving educational opportunities and community wellbeing. As the MSMS Math Tournaments Chair and Math Outreach senior leader, she expands access to engaging math activities to hundreds of elementary, middle, and high school students. She‘s worked to found an Association for Women in Mathematics chapter at her school to empower underrepresented students in STEM. Striving to close socioeconomic gaps, Iris has researched and constructed a nationwide child wellbeing model at Mississippi State University. Iris is a United States Senate Youth Delegate, Al Neuharth Free Spirit, and MS Secretary of State Ambassador and serves as Newspaper Editor-in-Chief, National French Honor Society President, and Tennis Team Captain.

Andy Yang

Irmo, SC

Andy is passionate about law and artificial intelligence. He served as the Attorney General at Palmetto Boys State and interned at the South Carolina 5th Judicial Circuit Court as well as leading his mock trial team to the state championships. A RSI and Regeneron STS Scholar, Andy has developed object recognition algorithms for fuzziness in images. His work has been honored as a ISEF Grand Award Recipient and National JSHS Finalist. In his high school, Andy is valedictorian and presides over multiple clubs, including FBLA and Math Team. Leading his school‘s Beta Club and STEM program, Andy has created initiatives to provide greater access to STEM education. Beyond academics, Andy is an avid varsity soccer player and captains his swim team.

Angela Yang

Los Angeles, CA

Angela is a proactive, compassionate community organizer. On the LA Youth Advisory Board, she has spoken at community conferences, advocated for city youth funds, and now serves on her City Youth Council. Utilizing her robotics and hackathon experiences, Angela has applied her technology background through the American Cancer Society and LA Gang Reduction Youth Development Office. As a Girl Up Global Teen Advisor, Angela has reached hundreds of girls with regional and international STEM equity efforts. Moreover, as a recognized Academic Decathlete, Distinguished Young Woman of LA County, and avid writer/orator, she loves challenging herself in new areas. In college, Angela will pursue politics, computer science, and entrepreneurship.

Mandy Yang

Suwanee, GA

Mandy Yang is an immigrant, advocate, and artist dedicated to fostering social change and cross-cultural connections. A Scholastic National Gold Medalist, Congressional Art winner, and GHP alumna, she has displayed art in the US Capitol and curated a gallery amplifying voices of artists from 6 continents. Amid COVID, she founded nonprofit Youth Give Back to spark dialogue, fight biases, and support under-resourced communities. With a $10k grant, YGB contributed to building a therapy dog park for special needs vocational training. Mandy is a FBLA Region Officer, NAHS & SHH officer, and Atlanta Council on International Relations intern. She’s also a State Dept. NSLI-Y Arabic Scholar & Stanford China Scholar. She loves volunteering, language-learning, and adventuring.

Adrian Yin

Milwaukee, WI

Adrian is a community advocate, writer, musician, and athlete. He is a long-time volunteer and promotes community service as president of his school‘s service club. He has received regional and national recognition for his poetry, journalism, and critical essays. He is a Regeneron STS Scholar and has qualified for the AIME four times. He also engages in legal advocacy as a leader of the mock trial team and Teen Court advisory council. Adrian is an award-winning pianist and a nationally-ranked tennis player, playing No. 1 singles since freshman year and leading the team to state championships. Adrian will study economics and public policy, continuing to be a game changer — making a positive impact in the world by uplifting marginalized voices.

Jason Yoo

Fairfax, VA

Jason is dedicated to advancing intersections between life sciences and technology. He has conducted research surrounding the utilization of silicon nanotubes as a matrix to convert atmospheric CO2 into stable carbonates, using feedback loops to optimize reaction kinetics parameters. More recently, Jason is working with South Korea‘s Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology to develop a novel method for the isolation of circulating microplastic particles within human vein tissues. He currently serves Key Club International as a District Executive, with the vision of promoting service equity for youth voices. In his spare time, Jason enjoys playing the cello, achieving distinction as a YMIC Global Competition Winner.

Lesley Yupa

Queens, NY

Lesley Yupa is a community change-maker, passionate about health and educational equity. As an intern at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, she has ensured the payment of pediatricians throughout the COVID-19 vaccine support program and assisted in the Data Collection for Equity Program, verifying physicians and practices membership databases. As president of her school‘s Get Your Life Together club, she has partnered with City Mission to empower students in their pursuit of higher education and professional success. Conducting research at New York University, she received the NYU Biochemistry Award and assisted in creating lecture content for a new chemistry course. Lesley aspires to become a microtia reconstructive surgeon.

Amy Zheng

Cupertino, CA

Amy Zheng is an Earth enthusiast, researcher, gardener, and musician. She leads Notelove, a nonprofit providing free music lessons to low-income students since 2018, and has expanded Notelove‘s reach across the country. Dedicated to sustainability through innovation, Amy prototyped a patent-pending solar panel cleaner with her international team and was awarded $12,000 for continued development. She seeks to make disaster response and recovery more accessible worldwide and has furthered this research with MIT‘s Lincoln Laboratory. As a violinist, Amy has toured internationally and serves as Co-Concertmaster of the California Youth Symphony and Monta Vista’s Chamber Orchestra. Amy is a Studio Ghibli fan and proud plant mom.

Brian Zhou

Herndon, VA

Brian is a researcher and advocate pursuing the intersections of social science and emerging technology. As the founder of The SPRING Group, Brian has worked with the United Nations, British and Canadian government ministries, US and state legislators, and more on policy, reaching over 100,000 people globally. Brian has raised over $900,000 for his projects including eAbsentee to register thousands of voters, power dozens of campaigns, and educate over 10,000 underserved students. Brian has conducted research at Harvard and the US Naval Research Laboratory, with 9 papers published in AAAI, ICML, and other venues. Brian also championed the Wharton Investment Competition, debated on the US Development Team, and is a student fellow at the Mercatus Center.

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