April 2019 Connections

The Friday and Saturday mornings of Scholars Weekend, the new Scholars participated in the Leadership Development Institute – an opportunity designed exclusively for Coca-Cola Scholars.

In this experience, 5 new Scholars are paired with a trained Coke Scholar alumni facilitator to explore an inside-out leadership concept through small and large group work. The idea is that better understanding themselves will empower them to be even more effective leaders.

Many thanks to this year’s Leadership Development Institute alumni facilitators!
Christie Thompson (1990), Omari Johnson (1991), Jason Shanker (1991), Michael Solomon (1992), Mike Doughty (1993), Will Schultz (1993), Torarie Durden (1994), Kari Philbeck (1994), Anita Kishore (1995), Courtney Lynn (1996), Amanda Harvey (1997), Charles Chang (1999), Cesar Aviles (2000), Jesse Bernal (2000), Tony Castillo (2000), Jack McKinstry (2000), Erica Tuggle (2001), Marly Casanova (2002), John-Paul Adrian (2003), Erin Muffoletto (2003), Arlene Barochin (2005), Jamaal Sebastian-Barnes (2005), Eva Amesse (2007), Rui Bao (2007), Kaitlyn Chana (2009), Hunter Hammond (2009), Krystal Kappeler (2009), Katie Lash (2009), and Julia Durham Goehring (2010).
UPenn Scholars connected over a pizza and Cokes at a Slices for Scholars event.
Albert Lawrence (2003, center)’s movie, Theo’s Trade, had a showing in New York City and local Scholars (left to right) Anita Kishore (1995), Sarah Perkins (2007), Jeremiah Grant (2013), and Yazi Vismale (2017) came to watch.

Martel Neville (1999), Heather Tell (1992), and Angela Orange (1998) got together while Heather was visiting Philadelphia last month.
Michael Hanley (1996) visited CCSF staff for lunch.