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August 2016 Connections

Nola Weinstein (2001) hosted a #CokeScholarsPro professional networking event at Twitter in New York City.

Coke Scholars Twitter Event_Selfie

Coke Scholars Twitter Event

Coke Scholars Twitter Event Worksheet

Sharing advice from her experience as Head of Executive Engagement at Twitter, Nola helped our Scholars create their personal brand using the platform.

Coke Scholars Coach Training

After almost a year of developing a model with the Center for Creative Leadership, several alumni volunteers along with all Foundation staff members were trained to learn how to support Scholars as they transition to college, explore engagement opportunities on their campuses, and set and work towards a personal goal. Learn more about CCSF’s new coaching pilot.

In addition to the CCSF staff, the alumni Coaches pictured above are Angela Harrell (1991), Anita Kishore (1995), Jamie Lathan (1996), Albert Lawrence (2003), Christina Marshall-Valdez (2001), Nekeisha Randall (2004), Samorn Selim (2000), Joe Semsar (2005), and Sarah Williams (2011).

Coke Scholars at Google

Becky Pope (2008, center) ran into Diana Wilson (2014) and Jide Omekam (2014) at a Google diversity event in Mountain View, CA.

Coke Scholar Sue Suh

Sue Suh (1992 Scholar and new member of our Board of Directors) visited staff while she was in town for the board meeting on August 2. Sue is the Chief Talent Officer for the Rockefeller Foundation in NYC.

Coke Scholar Brandon Hardy

Brandon Hardy (2016) came by for lunch before heading to Notre Dame for his freshman year.

Coke Scholars Sami Stoner and Hannah Nemer

Hannah Nemer (2010) and Sami Stoner (2013) had lunch with the team before Sami’s internship with The Coca-Cola Company’s Public Affairs and Communications team ended. Hannah is currently interning with Coca-Cola Journey, writing articles and creating the best gifs ever.

Coke Scholar Eric Beeler

Eric Beeler (2013) came by for lunch and taught us about the wonders of Snapchat.

Coke Scholar Megan Rosenberger

Megan Rosenberger (2013) stopped by while in Atlanta before starting her final year at the U.S. Naval Academy.