August 2019 Connections

Coke Scholar alumni came to Atlanta for coach training in preparation for the 4th year of the Coke Scholars Coaching program. Created uniquely for Coke Scholars with the help of the Center for Creative Leadership, the program pairs seasoned alumni with new Scholars to support them as they begin their college journey. See pictures and learn more about the program.

Pictured above: New coaches Jonathan Avila (2013), Rui Bao (2007), Kaitlyn Chana (2009), Ben Fisher (2004), Kim Gohman (1993), David Groom (1992), Kim Heng (2010), Elizabeth Howell (1996), Beserat Kelati (2008), Katie Lash (2009), Monique Parker (1997), Marianne Ragins (1991), Mike Reiners (1994), and Holly Sanchez Perry (2009) and returning support coaches Cesar Aviles (2000), Krystal Kappeler (2009), Anita Kishore (1995), Albert Lawrence (2003), and Luis Sotelo (2007).
Coke Scholars in Washington, DC, attended a Nationals game as guests of Coca-Cola Consolidated. A big thanks to Cesar Avila (2000) for coordinating!
Some local 2019 Coke Scholars Akash Rudra, Wendy Qiu, Yannie Tan, Zoe Weiss, and Jeremiah De Sesto came by to visit before they headed to college.

Christopher Rathbun (2016), Victor Lopez (2009), and Maria Urbiztondo (1997) got together over spicy Szechwan cuisine in Las Vegas’ Chinatown. They would love for more Coke Scholars in the area to join them next time. If you live in Las Vegas and want to meet other great alumni in your city, contact Maria.
Jonathan Quarles (2000) visited CCSF at Coca-Cola headquarters. He started a company called SolAir, which makes premium drinking water from sunlight and air. A portion of all SolAir revenue is donated to the Flint Water Fund for citywide healing.
Brennen Feder (2017), Graham Novak (2015), and Dana Emswiler (2017) joined CCSF staff for lunch at The Coca-Cola Company.
Victor Lopez (2009) and his mother came to visit CCSF staff at Coca-Cola headquarters.
Grant Means (2012) came by to tell us about his trip to Uganda with fellow alum Kim Rash and brought along his books that help teach children financial literacy.
Kim Rash (1990) also came by the office with her husband, Bob.