August 2020 Accolades

Naomi Shah (2013) founded a rom-com podcast company called Meet Cute earlier this year. They develop and produce short, audio romantic comedies that take you from meet-cute to happily ever after in 15 minutes.

“Right now feels like an important moment to be building a company like Meet Cute and to be putting stories about love, happiness, and positivity in people’s podcast feeds. Human connection never gets old because it’s relatable and personal – i.e. it happens to everyone. We think of Meet Cute as a counterbalance to the uncertainty in the news and the negative headlines we’re constantly scrolling through on our phones.” Naomi said to Millennial Magazine.

Meet Cute is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else you might listen to audio.
Naily Nevarez (2015) recently launched a project called Wavering Stripes, an interactive website about immigration detention in the United States. Through conceptual visuals and personal stories of struggle, the project sheds light on the immigration detention experience.

“For this project, I collaborated with Detention Watch Network (DWN) and implemented a donation feature on the site for them.” said Naily.
Frank Garza (1997), President of branded merchandising agency Vamos Marketing, obtained Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) and the Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) certifications and is currently working towards the Master Advertising Specialist Plus (MAS+) certification. A relatively small percentage of professionals hold these certifications and are often the industry’s innovators and leaders. The MAS certification is only obtained by about one percent of industry professionals. Frank is pictured with his sister, Madga Garza.
Ben Fong (2004) is running for the AC Transit Board in the San Francisco Bay area.
N’Jhari Jackson (2019) was selected as 1 of 10 YSA ServeVote Fellows. (This picture was from when he won an honorary ESPY award last year.)

The movement company that Robyn Saldino (2010) is involved with has made a film with her company, Veteran’s Project, and front-line medical workers to show what it feels like to wake up every day in the world as it is now. “As a company, we strive to build community and never abandon each other, or ourselves.” Robyn said.

Jason Feldman (1990), CEO of Vault Health, a men’s health company, was featured on The Today Show this week talking about the at-home saliva tests they offer to test for COVID-19.