August 2020 Connections

2020 Virtual Scholars Banquet

Our 2020 class of Coke Scholars was celebrated with a virtual Scholars Banquet on August 6. The evening included:

  • a keynote address from Wes Moore, youth advocate and author of The Other Wes Moore
  • a virtual Scholar procession
  • remarks from CCSF president Jane Hale Hopkins and board chair Kirk Tyler
  • an amazing musical compilation directed by David DeAngelis (2004) and featuring Alice Fang (2011), Akash Gururaja (2019), Ari Krasner (2014), Bryce Leafman (2012), Phillip Matthew (2020), Leia Schwartz (2014), Derronda Williams (2006), Sophie Wix (2014), and Michael Woods (2013)
  • two incredible videos by sponsor Mud Mile Communications, owned by Jolene Loetscher (1997) that showed how members of the 2020 class are creating positive change along with 5 new Scholars being surprised with the news they’ve been named Coke Scholars

That night, members of the Alumni Advisory Board sent a collective Coca-Cola cheers to the #2020CokeScholars! Join the celebration – make your own and tag other Scholars to join you using #CokeScholarsCheers.

Alumni Advisory Board Virtual Retreat

The CCSF Alumni Advisory Board and CCSF staff met over Zoom for four hours on Saturday, August 1, for a virtual planning session to plan strategically for the year ahead.

Virtual #CokeScholarsPro Classes

Led by Coke Scholars for Coke Scholars

Emma Doughty (2020), who is deaf, taught her fellow Coke Scholars American Sign Language, covering the alphabet, numbers, and some social justice phrases like “Black Lives Matter” and “register to vote.” Her dad and fellow Coke Scholar, Mike Doughty (1993) tuned in, too!
Derrick Standifer (2009) led a lively discussion in his session, “Life is Like a Rubik’s Cube,” where he shared his story and steps to make life less challenging that correlate with a Rubik’s Cube. Derrick is a single Dad to two kids in Atlanta, getting his PhD in educational leadership, is the author of Life is Like a Rubik’s Cube, and teaches workshops on this very subject.
Coke Scholar Moms and Dads (and even their kids) got together over Zoom to share challenges and joys of parenting in the pandemic and hear from Dr. Laura Froyen (2002), parenting consultant and host of the podcast The Balanced Parent, and award-winning on-air host and author Nancy Redd (1999).

Podcasts and Livestreams

Marly Q. Casanova (2001) chatted with CCSF president Jane Hale Hopkins in a recent episode of her podcast, Time to be Kind, in celebration of World Humanitarian Day.

Rosanna Catalano Flury (1990) hosted CCSF Operations and Strategic Initiatives Manager Ericia Ward on Launch Pad, a web show that enables viewers to connect with the world from their couch through casual and friendly conversations with entrepreneurs and professionals from around the globe.

Coke Scholar Meet Ups

Matt Cheney (2001) and Eunice Phung (2010) were paired for a Coke Scholars Coke Break, an initiative of the Alumni Advisory Board that randomly pairs 2 Scholars for a 15 minute chat each month. Their 15 minutes turned into 2 hours as they found so much in common! Coke Scholars can sign up to connect through quick Coke Breaks by signing up here.
Iman Cooper (2011) and Carolyn Norton (CCSF) met up for a quick visit over coffee in Annapolis, MD.
Jolene Loetscher (1997) and her husband Nate Burdine met up with Che Miller (1994) and his wife Leah in Duncan, OK, when their work took them to a town nearby. Che and Leah live in Duncan where Che owns a medical practice.