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August 2021 Connections

Coke Scholar Meet Ups

Coke Scholars in Boston got together for a summer barbeque at Wylie Chang’s (2014) house.
Coke Scholars in medicine got together on Zoom for a virtual networking event for those interested in residency programs.
2021 Scholars Hananeel Morinville, Grace Jones, Shanay Desai, and Danni Chacon got together on campus at Vanderbilt.
2021 Scholars Divya Ganesann, Nikki Suzani, and Michael Zhao met up in the San Francisco Bay area.

Virtual LDI

This year, 2021 Coke Scholars are participating in the Coca-Cola Scholars Leadership Development Institute (LDI) virtually. 30 seasoned Scholars have volunteered as facilitators to lead them through a curriculum that teaches an inside-out perspective of leadership focusing on 4 pillars: empathy, self-awareness, vision, and inspiration.

Scholar facilitators kicked off their training to support the 2021 class of Scholars as they explore their leadership style.
Nekeisha Randall (2004, middle) and 2021 Scholars (from upper left) Maiqi Qin, Anne Liang, Sarah Belcher, and Gabriella Staykova.
Andrew Kayes (1991, top left) and 2021 Scholars (from top right) Brian Xu, Abbie Maemoto, and Cosette Wu.
Michael Solomon (1992, middle) and 2021 Scholars (from upper left) Richard Ren, Arlene Campa, Jahin Rahman, and Caitlin Broderick.
Marques Martin (2001, top right) and 2021 Scholars (from top left) Mahathi Mangipudi, Karson Baldwin, Ashna Patel, and Faith Ajanaku.
Nicki Lehrer (2003, top right) chats with 2021 Scholars (from top left) Maria Cheriyan, Lily Chen, and Janvi Huria.
Mike Reiners (1994, middle) and 2021 Scholars (from upper left) Shania Hurtado, Molly-Sarita Cantillon, Edward Adams, and Yaseen El-Demerdash.
Tina Hoang-To (2001, middle) and (from upper left) Jason Chen, Michael Zhao, Aris Zhu, and Megan Chen from the 2021 class.
Jamie Lathan (1996, upper right) talks LDI with 2021 Scholars (from upper left) Shirley Zhu, Jamal Sayid, and Jerron-Michael Arline.
Chad Little (1998, middle), and 2021 Scholars (starting from top left) Yakeleen Almazan, Nicholas Simpson, Divya Ganesan, and Marcus Zimmerman.
Courtney Lynn (1996, middle) and LDI 2021 Scholars (from upper left) Sahaj Vederey, Tej Patel, Eva McCord, and Kya Brooks.
Victor Lopez (2009, upper right) and 2021 Scholars Will Li, Yarency Avelar, Yanni Ma, and Aneesh Muppidi.
Neal Fox (2021, upper right) talks with 2021 Scholars (from upper left) Katherine Wong, Shreya Ramachandran, Nikki Suzani, and Steve Dou.
Paul Negron (1999, upper right) and 2021 Scholars (from upper left) Jonah Liss, Hiteshi Patel, Molly McCommons, and Vivian Dietrich.
Kevin Shen (2000, upper right) and 2021 Scholars Nathan Foo, Claire Vlases, Srikar Parsi, and Jackie Liu.
Omari Johnson (1991, top) and 2021 Scholars Sarah Siddiqui, Zoey Fisher, and Michael Odzer.