Clay McMullen

Celebrating the 2012 Lenovo Green Ambassador Award Winner

The Lenovo Green Ambassador Award is an extra $2,500 “technology package” given to a Coca-Cola Scholar who exemplifies the environmentally conscious behavior that Lenovo expects in their own company. This student, through community involvement and awareness projects, is already a leader in education and green solutions.  The award includes their most recognized laptop (T410s), in addition to the software, services and peripherals needed to drive their own ideas and education for the next 4 years.

Lenovo is a partner with The Coca-Cola Company and a proud supporter of the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation.  They believe in the conservation of our environment and a responsibility to reduce our global carbon footprint.  Lenovo makes computers with the highest adherence to environment-friendly practices and standards. You can read more about their environmental impact here.

Clay McMullenThe Lenovo Green Award was first given in 2010.  This year’s recipient is 2012 Coca-Cola Scholar, Clay McMullen from Chesterland, Ohio.  Clay has been passionate about environmental preservation for as long as he can remember.  He has learned to look at lifestyle choices holistically and to encourage others around him to do likewise, with the goal of helping his community and state (Ohio) become more sustainable places to live.  His latest initiatives include energy efficiency projects; funding dry toilets locally and abroad;  field testing efficacious uses of compost, human and animal waste; creating partnerships between local farms (manure producers) and community gardens in Cleveland (fertilizer users) to share resources; conducting a monthly nature club for 5th graders in local schools, where hands-on science and experimentation is coordinated with classroom curriculum; and bringing locally-grown, fresh food into school cafeterias.

When Clay received the email in February conveying the news that he had been selected as a Coca-Cola Scholar, he says, “I was in total disbelief.  I gave both of my parents huge hugs and thanked them for their guidance and support.  The funds, along with the distinction, will help immensely, but I realized quickly that the recognition was even more valuable to continuing my work.”  Finding out that he was chosen as the Lenovo Green Ambassador was yet another great surprise.  Hearing his name called at the banquet and being recognized by his fellow Scholars was truly a cherished honor.  His favorite parts of Scholars Weekend were getting to know fellow Scholars and painting the Duke/UNC rain barrel with his new friends.  Clay is headed to Duke University this fall, to continue his service work and pursue studies in cognition and computer science.