December 2019 Connections

University of Southern California Scholars gathered for a Slices for Scholars event on campus.
Sophia Wang (2018), Omika Suryawanshi (2018), and
Jack Wu (2018) met up at the Business Today International Conference.

Manraj Singh (2012), Jillian Ross (2012), and Arielle Thornton (2010) attended the Muslim Advocates Gala dinner in D.C. as guests of The Coca-Cola Company.
Geraldine Pierre Haile (2004) and her husband Tesfa met up with Lamees El-Sadek (2007) in Egypt while visting Cairo for a wedding. Lamees was there visiting her family.
Nicole Knott (2003, center right) hosted fellow Coke Scholar friends Joy Sparrowhawk (2000), Jeremy O’Brien (2012) and Michael Solomon (1992) at her home in London for Thanksgiving. Joy flew in from Paris, Jeremy from Geneva, and Michael from NYC.
On a recent visit to Nashville, Jany Brown (1992) and her son Graham visited Graham Van Schaik (2008) at the hospital where he is doing his residency. Jany interviewed Graham in 2008 for the scholarship and they have been friends ever since.
Jason Feldman (1990) took his kids (triplets Ben, Madison, and Sebastian) to visit the University of Miami, where they met up with Rudy Fernandez (1991) who gave them a personal tour of the school. Rudy is the Chief of Staff to the President of the College.
Nathan Schmetter (2014) stopped by Coke Headquarters to say hello. He’s doing a short-term rotation at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta working on prosthetics. He just happened to be visiting while The Coca-Cola Company was hosting a pop-up concert in the cafeteria with Arrested Development and he walked away with free tickets to the show!
Juliana Tafur (2003) met with Carolyn Norton (CCSF) while she was in Atlanta for the Miss Universe Pageant. Her cousin was Miss Colombia! Juliana has been touring the nation hosting screenings for her documentary List(e)n, a feature film that takes people with opposing viewpoints on hot button issues – guns, abortion, and immigration – and gets them to listen to one another. Watch the trailer here.
Che Miller (1994) and his family went to London over Thanksgiving and met up with Carolyn Norton (who was visiting) and Gracie Schram (2016) and then met with Joy Sparrowhawk (2000, pictured above) in Paris.
Joe Curry (2012) came to say hi at Coke Headquarters. He works for KPMG in Miami and was visiting family in Atlanta for Thanksgiving. You can see Joe in the latest Coca-Cola “Dear Future” commercial! He is dressed in a cap and gown dancing with “his TV Grandma” at the end.
Courtney Lynn (1996) had lunch with CCSF staff while she was visiting Atlanta.
Ericia Ward, LaQuanda Prince, and Carolyn Norton (CCSF) met up with TJ Abrams (2001) and his wife Bianca at a concert that Coca-Cola and IHG were hosting in Atlanta.
Kim Gohman (1993) visited the CCSF staff while at Coca-Cola Headquarters in Atlanta for work.