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December 2023 Accolades

Jude Alawa (2015) and Siona Prasad (2019) were selected as Samvid Scholars.
Jude Alawa (2015) and Siona Prasad (2019) were selected as part of the third cohort of Samvid Scholars. The Samvid Scholars program empowers mission-driven graduate students, with exceptional track records of impact, to lead transformative change for society through leadership development, community, and financial support.
2023 Scholars Gitanjali Rao and Rania Zuri were honored by the White House as two of 15 “Girls Leading Change” to celebrate the International Day of the Girl. They attended an award ceremony at the White House hosted by the First Lady and were featured in Teen Vogue.
Dr. Sejal Hathi (2009) was selected as the new director of the Oregon Health Authority.
Hala, an organization co-founded by Dave Levin (1999), was selected by the World Economic Forum as a finalist for the Schwab Foundation 2024 Social Innovation Awards. Each year, through a rigorous selection process, the Schwab Foundation receives a plethora of nominations for the annual Social Innovation Awards, highlighting exceptional Social Innovators bringing about meaningful change in the world. Drawn from 18 different countries, the finalists of the 2024 Schwab Foundation Social Innovation Awards are working in some of the most challenging and underserved regions.

Hala is a social enterprise working to transform the nature of protection and accountability in the world’s toughest places by democratizing advanced defense, sensing, and artificial intelligence technology. Hala is currently saving lives, reducing trauma, and improving resilience for millions of people. According to a preliminary analysis, in current areas of operation, Hala’s technology solutions resulted in an estimated 20-27% reduction in casualty rates in 2018.
Dr. Tyrha Lindsey-Warren’s (1990) L.A.I. Communications won a PLATINUM MarCom Award for their work this Summer launching the Grand Opening of Ohio’s newest tourism attraction, the Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame.
Nicole Thompson (2010) directed her second Lifetime movie, You’re Not Supposed to Be Here.