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From Covid Challenges to Cell Phones: Parenting Wisdom with Samuel, Nelda, and Dr. Laura

Parenting can sometimes be tough to navigate. Throw in a global pandemic and things get even more complicated!

Join 3 Coke Scholars in a candid conversation about the twists and turns of raising children and teenagers:

  • Samuel Wakefield (2001) – Leadership Director, The Organizer Zero Project; Partner, DEI Works; & father of 4
  • Nelda Brown (1989) – School Board Staff Aide, Fairfax County School Board & cousin-mommy to teenager Eric
  • Dr. Laura Froyen (2002) – Early Childhood and Parenting Specialist & mother of 2

The trio discuss the challenges of parenting in the age of covid, cell phones, and social media; the importance of having an open mind; and their unique parenting journeys.

The episode is introduced by Aisha Chebbi (2020).

Watch a video of Samuel, Nelda, and Laura recording this episode here with captions.

The SIP, short for the Coke Scholars Ignite Podcast, shares a taste of the Coke Scholars around the world who are igniting positive change.

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