July 2019 Connections

Joy Sparrowhawk (2000), Nilofer Rajpurkar (2013), Nilofer’s friend, and Kevin Shen (2000) met up with Tony Hart (2013) for a picnic in Paris while he was in town on vacation. Joy lives in Paris and Kevin and Nilofer were visiting. They organized the picnic after Tony posted that he was visiting Paris in the Coca-Cola Scholars and alumni Facebook group!
Armen Kherlopian (2001, middle), Chief Science Officer of Genpact, connected with Robin Moore, VP of Next Generation Services at The Coca-Cola Company, and Mark Westfall, Chief Procurement Officer & Head of Supplier Services at The Coca-Cola Company, at a Formula E Racing event in New York City.
Jalen McGee (2016), Kurt Von Laven (2008), and Tyler Zangaglia (2018) met up at Ada’s Technical Books & Café in Seattle to catch up over coffee. Bonnie Lei (2011) was also there but is not pictured.
2012 Scholars Esmeralda Lopez and Anna Delamerced reunited in Seattle last month.
“Both of us went to Brown University together and have stayed friends ever since meeting at Scholars Weekend way back when. We even roomed together for one of the Coke Scholars Leadership Summits down in Atlanta. She’ll definitely be a lifelong friend, and I’m so thankful the seed of friendship was sown at Scholars Weekend in 2012,” said Anna.
Victor Lopez (2009), Christopher Rathbun (2016), Maria Urbiztondo (1997), and Maria’s husband Nico got together in Las Vegas for a fun night of go kart racing at Pole Position Raceway near The Strip, followed by dinner at Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant, where they chatted for several hours. “We had a blast getting to know each other!” Maria said.
The next get-together for Scholars in Vegas will be on Saturday, August 17, when they’ll be exploring spicy Szechwan cuisine in Las Vegas’ Chinatown.
Jolene Loetscher (1997) reconnected with Daron Roberts (1997) while at the Presidential Leadership Scholars Program’s five year anniversary in Dallas, TX, at the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Daron was part of the inaugural class and Jolene is part of this year’s class. Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton spoke as well. “This was an amazing experience to grow my leadership and connect with our country’s great change makers,” Jolene said.The PLS program is currently accepting applications until the end of August.
While in Dallas, Jolene also found time to meet up with fellow Scholar and friend Tim McCallum (1991).
Jillian Roberts (2011) stopped by the Coca-Cola Headquarters for a visit.
CCSF staff celebrated the re-release of New Coke in coordination with Netflix’s Stranger Things.