June 2020 Connections

Virtual LDI Kick-Off

The Virtual Coke Scholars Leadership Development Institute (LDI) kicked off this month for 2020 Scholars.

Alumni facilitators waved hello to the 2020 class! The 30 alums, led by Micheal Terrell and Corey Dysick of the Terrell Leadership Group and Jamie Williams of CCSF, will lead the new Scholars through a curriculum that teaches an inside-out perspective of leadership focusing on 4 pillars: empathy, self-awareness, vision, and inspiration.

The 30 LDI alumni facilitators began their training this month, too.

Selection District Zoom Catch-Ups

The class of 2020 had zoom calls with the alumni and staff who interviewed them as Regional Finalists in February 2020.

Selection District 1 (New England) 2020 Scholars with interviewers Nisha Desai (2004), Brian Williams (2010), and Carolyn Norton (CCSF).
Selection District 5 (New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas) 2020 Scholars with interviewers Matt Chaney (2001), Chantelle George (2006), and Jamie Williams (CCSF, not pictured).
Selection District 6 (Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado) 2020 Scholars with interviewers Josh McNair (2002) and Ericia Ward (CCSF).
Selection District 7 (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia) 2020 Scholars with interviewers Madi Pfaff (2013), Martel Neville (1999), Christopher Page (2007), and Carolyn Norton (CCSF).
Selection District 9 (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona) 2020 Scholars with interviewers Jessica Lane (1995), Graham Novak (2015), and Lauren O’Brien (CCSF).

Virtual #CokeScholarsPro Classes

Led by Coke Scholars for Coke Scholars

Ben Kaplan (1995), TOP Global CEO, taught fellow Scholars how to become a thought leader during crisis times. They explored the thought leadership insights derived from Kaplan’s study of the companies who thrived during the 2008 Great Recession, the 2000 dot-com bubble, the 1990 slowdown, and the 1980 decline.
Matt Bauman (2006) has been adding some pep in the step of the Scholars community by leading 305 Fitness workouts on Fridays.
Andrew Barnhill (2006) led an informational session for fellow Scholars, Finding Your Way in Government Affairs: Careers in Lobbying and Advocacy.
Alex Dzurick (2008) led the session Becoming an Advocate: Civic Participation through Letters to the Editor for fellow Scholars.
Rosanna Catalano Flury (1990) taught fellow Scholars how to launch a podcast, sharing learnings from creating her own, called The Floridaville.

@CokeScholars Livestreams

As each new episode of The SIP, The Coke Scholars Ignite Podcast, is released, our hosts and guests have been taking the conversation live.

Jolene Loetscher (1997) went live with Isabella Madrigal (2020) on CCSF’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels on June 16 to talk about the fourth episode of The SIP, Reclaiming the Indigenous Narrative.