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Just Do It: How Jorge, Jarvis, and Rosalyn are Leading with Purpose

Something that makes the Coke Scholars Program so unique is the incredible community of alumni. Could you imagine working together with Coke Scholars?

This first episode of Season 3 of The SIP brings together 3 Coke Scholars working at NIKE in Portland, Oregon:

  • Jorge Casimiro (1994) – VP, Chief Public Policy & Social Impact Officer, NIKE Inc. & President, NIKE Foundation;
  • Jarvis Sam (2009) – Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, NIKE Inc.; and
  • Rosalyn Menon Kennedy (1997) – Communications and Partnerships Lead, Social & Community Impact, NIKE Inc.

The trio discuss their unique career journeys, how they are expanding diversity and social impact at NIKE, and leading with purpose. Listen until the end for their favorite NIKE shoes and Coke products!

The episode is introduced by Aisha Chebbi (2020).

Watch a video of Jorge, Jarvis, and Rosalyn recording this episode here with captions.

The SIP, short for the Coke Scholars Ignite Podcast, shares a taste of the Coke Scholars around the world who are igniting positive change.

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Listen to The SIP: Season 3, Episode 1 Now