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March 2023 Connections

Scholars Weekend Orientation

Our #2023CokeScholars attended a virtual orientation to gear up for Scholars Weekend April 13-16 in Atlanta!

Coke Scholars Story Time

Children’s book authors Ashley Chang (2006) and Valerie Thompkins (2012) hosted story time where they read their books to Scholars and future Scholars. Ashley read The ABC Digest: Tasting Chinatown and Valerie read Girls Like Me.

Scholars at SXSW

Coke Scholars seemed to be everywhere at SXSW in Austin, TX!  TJ Abrams (2001), Michael Tubbs (2008), Chantelle George (2006), Yosh Miller (2005), Joel Martin (1996) etc. either spoke at or attended the conference.  Yosh sent the photo below of him with Michael Tubbs, and Joel Martin sent a picture of him with TJ Abrams.

Scholars Reunited

Erin Orchard (2011) sent this old photo of 2011 Scholars from Utah Cragun Liston, Erin Orchard, Christian Bennett recreating a photo 11 years later at Erin’s wedding in Alaska in the summer of 2022.



International Meet Up

Joy Sparrowhawk (2000) had dinner with Veronica Jung (1993) while Veronica was visiting Paris.