May 2021 Connections

Coca-Cola Beverages Florida had a virtual event, hosted by their Chairman and CEO, celebrating the 7 Coca-Cola Scholars from their territory.

“We are proud to support #education and excited to celebrate this significant achievement with these students!” they wrote.
Ignite Your Story, a book featuring the inspiring stories of Coke Scholars, was celebrated with a virtual launch party on Saturday, May 15. Created by 2015 Scholars Raina Kadavil and Kathleen Schwind, the book tells the stories of 40 Scholars of all passions, backgrounds, and ages from the classes of 1989 through 2019.

The launch featured keynotes by Jane Hale Hopkins (CCSF) and Julia McMahon (Canon Solutions America). Canon Solutions America has generously supported the creation of this book.

The launch also highlighted several Scholars featured in the book through 3 Scholar panels that included Carrie Regan (1989), Seth Sheldon (1994), Evangeline Pattison (2002), Shannon Babb (2006), Zakiya Tabia-Rashida Williams (2011), Kiera Peltz (2012), Sri Muppidi (2013), Leia Schwartz (2014), Tim Lann (2015), Jared Michaud (2015), Naily Nevarez (2015), Anne Raheem (2015), Gracie Schram (2016), Brennan Feder (2017), and Fatimata Cham (2019).
CCSF celebrated Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with a Fireside Chat featuring Board Member Lisa Chang (Global Chief People Officer, The Coca-Cola Company), Alice Park (1999), and Kylan Nieh (2010). More than 65 attendees enjoyed learning about Lisa’s background and heritage, her career journey, and The Coca-Cola Company’s efforts in advocating and advancing equality for the AAPI community.

Grateful for the collaboration of The Coca-Cola Company’s Asian BRG and APIA Scholars in the creation of this event. Thanks to all who attended, and event organizers Chetan Polavaram, Tyre Sperling, and Brenda Khor.
Krystal Kappeler (2009) and her mom led a Mother’s Day flower arranging event with about 10 Scholars and their moms and sisters. Everyone enjoyed their experience and learned so much!
Congressman Mondaire Jones (2005) participated in The Flavor Trap: Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic, a virtual event moderated by Abe Baker-Butler (2020) on behalf of Students Against Nicotine. In addition to being a Coke Scholar, Rep. Jones was deeply involved in anti-tobacco advocacy as a high school student, which made for a multilayered and exciting discussion. Watch the recording.
Omika Suryawanshi (2018) hosted a 2018 Scholars virtual class reunion.
Asraiel Harewood (2011) and Kristen Ward (2002) met over Zoom for a Coke Break. Coke Breaks is an initiative of the Alumni Advisory Board that randomly pairs Scholars together for 15 minute conversations each month.