October 2021 Connections

Coke Scholars on Campus

College Scholars Anika Gupta (2021), Jevon Torres (2020), Allan Morillo (2021), Jenny Ha (2018), Lexee Sherman-Sutton (2021), and Justin Kawaguchi (2017) got together in Los Angeles.
Brown University Coke Scholars enjoyed dinner together. Attendees included Anna Kimata (2018), Eve Glenn (2018), Keyana Zahiri (2019), Tino Delamarced (2014), Jamie Odzer (2014), Michael Odzer (2021), Sojas Wagle (2019), Donnell Williamson (2011), Michelle Mai (2019), and Alexander Burt (2020).
Francine Barchett (2016), Thenuri Poththewela (2020), Rafael Bitanga (2019), Kiran Ganga (2020), and Sydney Mittiga (2018) met for dinner in Ithaca.
Jacob Warner (2015) and Mary Harris (2019) enjoyed pizza and Cokes at Brigham Young University.
2021 Scholars Joanna Bieda, Ashna Patel, Tej Patel, Rayan Yu, and Bill Zhang at the University of Pennsylvania got together on campus recently.
Ishan Johnson (2001) went to Waikiki to celebrate his birthday, and separately, Courtney Lynn (1996) went there on vacation. Courtney saw on Ishan’s Instagram that he was there. too. She texted him and it turned out they were staying in the SAME HOTEL!
Justin Pearson (2013) happened to be in Omaha for a few hours and met up with Jolene Loetscher (1997). “We were screaming so much when we saw each other the people in the hotel thought we were crazy,” Jolene wrote.
Jolene Loetscher (1997) also reconnected with Michael Tubbs (2008) in Aspen, CO, as part of the Civil Society Fellowship, a leadership development program through the Aspen Institute. They are part of the class of 2020 and Lillian Singh (2000) is part of the class of 2021.