March 2018 Connections

CCSF family gathered to celebrate the 21st Century Beverage Partnership. 2003 Scholar Albert Lawrence was the MC for the evening’s festivities. Pictured left to right: Jane Hale Hopkins (CCSF President-Elect), Albert Lawrence (2003), Sandy Williams (former Board Member), Kirk Tyler (Board Member), J. Mark Davis (CCSF President).

Kate Sullivan (1994), Kristina Ellis (2005), Derrius Quarles (2009) and Sunny Sandhu (2016) made up an exclusively Scholar panel that discussed scholarships at the 2018 Scholly Summit in Chicago. Christopher Gray (2010 Scholar and founder of Scholly) put this event on and invited them to speak.

Angela Harrell (1991) and Chad Jones (2001) met up with the Scholars Foundation staff while they were at Coca-Cola Headquarters for a Special Olympics Conference.

Ashton Duke (2015) had a tennis tournament at Dartmouth and fellow 2015 Scholar Anabel Moreno-Mendez came out to support him.

Richmond Dewan (2012) got to speak with Katie Bayne (Senior Vice President, Global Sparkling Brands, at The Coca-Cola Company) after she spoke to his honors marketing class at SMU.

Meena Venkataramanan (2017) and Scott Jennings (1996) met at Harvard Institute of Politics Fellows Program.

Aviva Hirsch (2012) came to visit the team at Coke Headquarters on a trip to Atlanta.