May 2020 Connections

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Coke Scholars Care

Coke Scholars Doing Good in the Midst of the Global Pandemic

Becoming an Advocate for Children with Rare Diseases with Sarah Turnbull (1996)

A new host, Jolene Loetscher (1997), joins us for the third episode of The SIP, interviewing Sarah Turnbull (1996), a photographer, EMT, and rare disease advocate. In this episode of The SIP, Sarah shares her journey from being selected as a Coke Scholar from a small town in Iowa to becoming a mom of three…

April 2020 Accolades

2017 Scholars Camilo Duran, Jackson Blackwell, and Nikhil Marda were named Truman Scholars.

Building a Shark Tank Side Hustle with Dr. Shaan Patel (2007)

In the second episode of The SIP, Albert Lawrence (2003) interviews Dr. Shaan Patel (2007), a Shark Tank entrepreneur who built a hugely successful side hustle without quitting his day job. After raising his SAT score from average to perfect, Shaan created a company called Prep Expert to help high school students achieve their own…

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Solita Alexander

Committed to Opportunities for Personal and Community Uplift

By Solita Alexander | In my quiet moments, I reflect on my life and how I’ve gotten to where I am. There have been a multitude of moments, of experiences, of people, and they all contribute to my firm commitment to service and social justice. Whether I am in my hometown or in some faraway…

Allison Gillette Quidditch

Commitment to Quidditch: One Scholar’s Quest for Gold

By Allison Gillette (2008) |  When I received the email stating that I had been selected to play on the first-ever U.S. National Quidditch team, I reread it at least four times before it finally set in. Quidditch is more than a sport to me. My involvement in it connected me to a family and…

Jason Shah

A Commitment to Entrepreneurship and Educational Opportunities

By Jason Shah (2007) | In 2012, launching a company or nonprofit is the thing to do. Why not? It offers autonomy, promises of riches or praise, and the chance to drive more change in the world than any entry-level job allows. When I launched in 2005 to provide affordable (free!) online SAT preparation…

Kari Knight Stevens

Celebrating the Gift of Life

By Kari Knight Stevens (1999) | I never thought much about my kidneys. In fact, I probably thought more about kidney beans or kidney-shaped swimming pools than about my own kidneys. Then, in my 30th year, I started thinking about them all the time. My name is Kari Knight Stevens. I am a 1999 Coca-Cola…