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Coke Scholars Care

Coke Scholars Doing Good in the Midst of the Global Pandemic

Becoming an Advocate for Children with Rare Diseases with Sarah Turnbull (1996)

A new host, Jolene Loetscher (1997), joins us for the third episode of The SIP, interviewing Sarah Turnbull (1996), a photographer, EMT, and rare disease advocate. In this episode of The SIP, Sarah shares her journey from being selected as a Coke Scholar from a small town in Iowa to becoming a mom of three…

April 2020 Accolades

2017 Scholars Camilo Duran, Jackson Blackwell, and Nikhil Marda were named Truman Scholars.

Building a Shark Tank Side Hustle with Dr. Shaan Patel (2007)

In the second episode of The SIP, Albert Lawrence (2003) interviews Dr. Shaan Patel (2007), a Shark Tank entrepreneur who built a hugely successful side hustle without quitting his day job. After raising his SAT score from average to perfect, Shaan created a company called Prep Expert to help high school students achieve their own…

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Christina Gutierrez

Christina Gutierrez Strives to Spread Her Passion for Fresh, Local Food Wherever She Goes

By Christina Gutierrez (2011) | After learning about the many places across the globe I lived as a child, you might expect that my love for urban farming and gardening was cultivated in one of these exotic locales. When I was five years old, my family left Cincinnati, Ohio, and moved to Lima, Peru. A…

Ben Sasse

As President of Midland University, Ben Sasse is Taking on Challenges in Education

By Julie Collins Bates (2001) |  Ben Sasse wants you to know it’s OK to ask questions. It might seem like peculiar advice. But a penchant for inquiry has served Ben well, as he’s moved from advising organizations in the throes of strategic crisis, to serving as U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services…

Radhika Mitra

As a Social Entrepreneur, Radhika Mitra is Helping to Shape a Better World

Radhika is a young entrepreneur with a strong desire to give back to society. Her passion towards art and philanthropy has led her to found Renaissance Now Corporation, a 501c3 non-profit, to level the playing field for underprivileged artists internationally. Her pursuit and interest in technical applications and social networking to advance social causes by…

As the First Harry Ott Fellow, Steven Olikara is Leading Water Stewardship Solutions

By Steven Olikar (2008) | I am honored to be the first Harry Ott Fellow, a two-year experience with Coca-Cola’s Environmental & Water Resources (EWR) team. Harry Ott was an extraordinary leader who greatly shaped TCCC’s environmental initiatives, so it is a great privilege to build on his far-reaching legacy on such an important issue. It…