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September 2016 Connections

2016 Coca-Cola Scholars Service Summit

75 Coca-Cola Scholars, alumni, and spouses came together in Austin for the 2016 Coca-Cola Scholars Service Summit, a 3-day event that focused on how to be an everyday change agent in your community. After the first day of dynamic speakers, the group spent the second day refreshing Zavala Elementary, where Tim McCallum (1991) went to school, with United Way for Greater Austin.

Coke Scholars at Mets game

50 Coke Scholars and friends joined The Coca-Cola Company at Citi Field in NYC for the Mets game on September 19!  Though the Mets didn’t win the game, fun was had by all. CCSF would like to thank Donna Cirolia (Public Affairs and Communications, The Coca-Cola Company) and her team at the New York office for the tickets to the game! See more pictures.

Coke Scholars Minneapolis Reception

Mark Davis enjoyed catching up with our Scholars and alumni in Minneapolis last week.

Coke Scholars San Francisco Reception

Mark, Jane, and Carolyn of the CCSF team enjoyed dinner with a small group of alumni in San Francisco.

Coke Scholars in Columbus, OH

Jamie and Ericia from the CCSF team had dinner with Scholars in Columbus, Ohio.Coke Scholar Jason Pate's WeddingCoke Scholars at Jason Pate's wedding

Jason Pate (2005) married Deanna Lazzaroni in Sonoma, CA, on September 17 at a gorgeous winery with 18 friends from the Coke Scholars family in attendance.

Coke Scholar Anna Jo Cowan marries Mark's son, Chase Davis

Anna Jo Cowan (2011) married Chase Davis (son of Mark Davis) in a beautiful ceremony in Omaha, NE, on September 4, 2016. In attendance from the Coke Scholars family were Antoine Jefferson (2004), Jillian Roberts (2011), Arjun Agarwala (2011) and of course the proud father, Mark Davis!

Coke Scholar Chris Leahy and Mark Davis

On his way driving back from his son’s wedding, Mark Davis stopped in St. Louis for a brief visit with Chris Leahy (1999), who is battling cancer. Mark is happy to report that Chris was doing okay and looked great!

Coke Scholars Kate Gasparro and Emily Pang in Uganda

While on a trip to Uganda for engineering students at Stanford, Emily Pang (2014) and Kate Gasparro (2010) realized that they were both proud Coke Scholars!

Mark Davis's bowtie contest with Coke Scholars

Coke Scholars Samuel Wakefield and Fabiani Duarte

Fabiani Duarte (2006) and Samuel Wakefield (2001) stopped by our office for a visit. Fabiani brought a bag of bow ties and challenged Mark to a bow tying contest! Much to Mark’s dismay, Fabiani won every time. Samuel even got in on the fun!

Coke Scholar Will Schultz

Will Schultz (1994) and his assistant, Misty, came by our office while in Atlanta on business. They work for Merchant & Gould in Minneapolis.


Coke Scholars Alice Park, Jany Brown, and Lesley Wainwright

Jany Brown (1992), Jane Hopkins (CCSF), Carolyn Norton (CCSF), Alice Park (1999), Lesley Wainwright (1994), and Patti Ross (former CCSF VP) got together for Korean Bunco.

Carolyn Norton, Coke Scholar Kim Rash, and her husband, Bob Rash

Kim Rash (1990) and her husband Bob stopped by Coca-Cola to say goodbye before moving to Uganda to help people start small sustainable businesses.

Coke Scholar Rita Ng

Jane Hopkins (CCSF), Ryan Rodriguez (former Program Manager at CCSF), and Carolyn Norton (CCSF) enjoyed a visit with Rita Ng (1996) and her kids Logan (2) and Lucas (3 months) riding a steam train around the redwood trees in Oakland.

Coke Scholar Grant Means

Grant Means (2012) and his girlfriend Lorel came by to visit us at our office.

Coke Scholar Julia Durham

Julia Durham (2010) stopped by to say hello after moving back to Atlanta.

Coke Scholars Nicholas Cobb and Bhavin Gupta

Nicholas Cobb (2014) welcomed Bhavin Gupta (2016) to the University of Texas at Austin. The Scholars are 2018 and 2020 Computer Science majors respectively. Hook’Em!


Scholars around the country have continued the tradition of hosting welcome back pizza socials as fall terms have begun. So far Scholars at Brigham Young, Case Western Reserve, Harvard, Princeton, and UNC-Chapel Hill have scheduled their gatherings, with many more to come. At a “buy a slice/give a slice” restaurant, UPenn Scholars donated 145 pieces of pizza for the local homeless.

Coke Scholars at Case Western Reserve

Case Western Reserve Scholars

Coke Scholars at Cornell

Cornell Scholars

Coke Scholars at Princeton

Princeton Scholars

Coke Scholars at UPenn Coke Scholars at UPenn

University of Pennsylvania Scholars