September 2019 Connections

It was a family affair with Coke Scholars of all ages joining us at Coca-Cola headquarters for dinner and networking at our Atlanta reception.
20 Coke Scholars and a few guests joined Carolyn Norton (CCSF) for dinner in Phoenix. Special thanks to Rebecca Butler (PAC, Southwest Region, The Coca-Cola Company) for joining. See more pictures.
Louisville Scholars got together with Jeremy Sale (CCSF) for dinner.
Every year 3,000 student, business, and academic leaders from around the globe meet at the Enactus World Cup to showcase entrepreneurial action that transforms lives. This year, it was in San Jose, and Coca-Cola invited Coke Scholars to join the fun as judges and brand ambassdors.

Pictured above: Marcy Camacho (The Coca-Cola Company), Jamal Booker (The Coca-Cola Company), Renee Bedford (The Coca-Cola Company), Jane Hale Hopkins (CCSF), Tosha Shah (Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling), Trent Bigelow (2004 Scholar), Louis Martin (The Coca-Cola Company), Parikh Paushak (Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling), and Curtis Raulinaitus (Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling).
Also at Enactus: Catherine Zhang (2019 Scholar), Renee Bedford (The Coca-Cola Company), Jamal Booker (The Coca-Cola Company), Dora Wong (The Coca-Cola Company), Curtis Raulinaitus (Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling), and Yannie Tan (2019 Scholar).
Joey Hurlocker (2015) met up with Coca-Cola Kokomo’s Brandon Bishop. Joey has helped the Kokomo team promote the Coke Scholars scholarship and now works in economic development in his hometown of Kokomo, IN. High school seniors, apply today!
Coke Scholars and CCSF staff enjoyed celebrating Tony Castillo (2000)’s wedding!
Sorangel Liriano (2014), Alyssa Ridley (2009), and Philip McAdoo (1989) met up to share a Coke once they realized they all work at Earth Justice in San Francisco together!
Armen Kherlopian (2001), Chief Science Officer for Genpact in New York, visited CCSF when he was in town meeting with Coca-Cola folks about their partnership with Formula 1 racing.
Nisha Desai (2004, middle) met up with Francesca De Girolami and Tyre Sperling from The Coca-Cola Company at the Concordia Conference in NYC.
Angela Orange (1998, right) visited CCSF for lunch. She works for Teach for America in Atlanta and sits on the Marietta School Board.
Chantelle George (2006, left) visited Coca-Cola headquarters while in Atlanta recruiting students for One Goal, an organization that provides opportunities for students in post-secondary education.
Our two Miss America Coke Scholars, Ericka Dunlap (2000), Miss America 2004, and Cara Mund (2012), Miss America 2018, were roommates at a conference recently. Cara posted this photo of them on her Instagram story.