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Here’s to a Very Good Year

We took a step back to look at the amazing things our Scholars have achieved and highlight what alumni and sponsors can do to help us enter our third decade as ready to take on the world as our Scholars are.

Scholar Profiles

We Are the World Changers

Coca-Cola Scholars can be found in every corner of the globe, in education and business, nonprofits and the arts, building better machines, creating cures, leading revolutions, dreaming new futures and researching the past in ways that change our tomorrows. These are stories of what support can create.

Committed to the Curvy Road

WIll Thomason

What do you do?

It seems like such a straightforward question. But for 2008 Coca-Cola Scholar Will Thomason, there isn’t an easy answer.

Combining Two Passions to Improve Education

Amber Parks

Amber Parks always felt like teaching was her calling. “I remember teaching my stuffed animals when I was a little girl,” she recalls. “There was never a question about what I would do.”

Believing in the Power of a Simple Idea

Kavita Shukla

Kavita Shukla’s extended family lived in India and as a child she was unable to visit them frequently. However, one trip to see her grandmother literally changed her life.

Creating a Vibrant Future for Our Cities

Mehul Patel

Growing up, Mehul Patel always assumed he would become a physician, like his father. But during his last year in high school, people and events converged to change the direction of his life.

More Profiles

2016 Scholar Highlights

Dahkota Kicking Bear Brown

Dahkota Kicking Bear Brown is the youngest person to be appointed to a White House administrative post by a president. He’s one of 15 named to The National Advisory Council on Indian Education.

Eamon Bracht & Siona Sharma

Eamon Bracht and Siona Sharma founded Starts With Soap, a nonprofit that supports equitable education at underfunded schools by providing necessary supplies, beginning with soap. Fifteen other Coke Scholars serve their team.

Sruthi Palaniappan

Sruthi Palaniappan was the youngest delegate to attend the 2016 Democratic National Convention, representing her home state of Iowa during roll call votes.

Nadya Okamoto

Nadya Okamoto presented at TEDxPortland, speaking about the unaddressed needs of menstrual hygiene among poor and homeless women.

Sean Konz

Sean Konz created a hand-free mouse. Using eye tracking technology, it enables people with spinal cord, nerve or muscular injuries to get on the Internet and perform the functions of a mouse without using their hands.

Gracie Schram

Gracie Schram just released her latest EP, entitled Dear Fall, while opening on tour for David Archuleta. Since releasing her debut album at the age of 10, a portion of the proceeds from Gracie’s music has been given to humanitarian causes, amounting to more than $40,000 to date.

Swetha Revanur & Wyatt Pontius

Swetha Revanur and Wyatt Pontius won the Dudley R. Herschbach SIYSS Award at the 2016 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. The SIYSS is a multi-disciplinary seminar highlighting remarkable achievements by young scientists from around the world.

Gracie Ehemann

Gracie Ehemann created LoveThyEnemy, an anti-bullying campaign that fights negative self-talk. It encourages and supports others by providing a platform where people can share testimonials of how they overcame their insecurities.

Alden Kain

Alden Kain invented a special stroller that affixes to a wheelchair so a disabled mother could easily travel with her baby.

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2017 At A Glance

Our Scholars take the spotlight, but we also have a lot going on behind the scenes. Take a look at our 2017 stats.

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