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Coke Scholar Coaching Program Marks 8th Year

Coke Scholar alumni traveled to Atlanta to be trained as coaches with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) at Coca-Cola Headquarters in August.

The program pairs seasoned alumni with first-year Scholars to support them as they launch into their college journeys. In the training, coaches learned how to help the new Scholars as they transition to college, explore engagement opportunities on their campuses, and set and work towards a personal goal.

Jamie Williams, Director of Scholarships at the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, welcomes coaches to training.

The Coaching experience strives to make the Coca-Cola Scholars Program experience special, provide meaningful personal and professional development for both the Coaches and Coachees, and strengthen the undergraduate Scholars’ connections to the Coca-Cola Scholar network. Each Coach has 1-3 Coachees, and they meet monthly for 6 months.

In addition to alumni attending training as new coaches, some veterans returned as support coaches. They will help guide the new coaches as they meet with their younger Scholars over the next 6 months.

Monique Parker (1997), Kaitlyn Chana (2009), Beserat Kelati (2008), and Cesar Aviles (2000) during coach training in Atlanta.

“We began this program to enhance the undergraduate Scholars’ experience in college and make sure the lessons from our Leadership Development Institute taught during Scholars Weekend are continuing to live throughout their college experience. It’s also reinforcing what it means to be a Coke Scholar and how to show up in the network,” said Jamie Williams, Director of Scholarships at the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation.

Coaches silently arrange themselves according to the numerical total of their initials. After, they watched a video of themselves completing the task and discussed viewing an experience “from the balcony.”

The Center for Creative Leadership put together a case study to measure the impact of the program.

Scholars reported their top benefits from the program were:

  • being able to “step back” from situations and reflect on their options and intentions
  • having a clearer vision for what they want to accomplish
  • feeling more able to face challenges

Coaches also appreciated the impact of the program, and reported:

  • strengthening their connection to the Coca-Cola Scholars network
  • enhancing their leadership skills
  • learning skills that helped them in their personal lives
Coke Scholars, CCL staff, and CCSF staff the night before training began.

Read the full case study and see pictures from training.