Coke Scholars

2017 Coca-Cola Scholar Semifinalists

These 1,914 students were selected from nearly 86,000 applicants to continue through our selection process with the opportunity of becoming a Coke Scholar.

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Jacqueline Roman Named Sandy Williams Alumni Legacy Scholar

After receiving inspiring nominations from the Coca-Cola Scholars class of 2015, the Alumni Advisory Board has selected Jacqueline Roman to be the recipient of the Sandy Williams Alumni Legacy Scholarship.


December 2016 Accolades

Christopher Gray (2010) won a 2016 American Ingenuity Award as 1 of 17 people changing the Universe, and FreshPaper Inventor, Kavita Shukla (2002), has been invited to participate in the 2016 Nobel Prize Dialogues in Sweden.


December 2016 Connections

Tory Bredt (2006) took her Coke Scholar shirt to New Zealand and Australia, and several Atlanta Scholars brought their families to The Coca-Cola Company office for a holiday visit.

Coke Scholar Michael Tubbs

November 2016 Accolades

Michael Tubbs (2008 Scholar and the first Alumni Legacy Scholar) was elected the youngest and first African American Mayor of Stockton, CA, his hometown, at 26, and Elise Stefanik (2002) was reelected as Congresswoman of New York’s 21st district!

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November 2016 Connections

Nicole Knott (2003) met up with Joy Sparrowhawk (2000) for a Coke in Corsica, and Mark traveled to Omaha and Des Moines for receptions with Coke Scholars.


Alumni Advisory Board Welcomes 7 New Members

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) was formed in 2006 by alumni Scholars to help support the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation’s mission and goals. Currently 15 alumni serve on the AAB on a 3 year rotation, and this month they were happy to welcome 7 new members.


October 2016 Connections

Stanford Coke Scholars got together for pizza, sporting their Scholars Weekend shirts! Jessica Pasquarello (2015) and Maddie Dill (2014) co-presented with our president, Mark Davis, at The Coca-Cola Company’s UGA alumni group.

Kaitlyn Chana, Krystal Kappler, and Erin Muffoletto Baca at the 2016 Coke Scholars Service Summit

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Change agents aren’t superheroes. They’re everyday people, just like you. Here are 5 ways to incorporate our hands, heart and knowledge to create a lasting change.