2019 Regional Finalists

These 251 Regional Finalists have made it through the next stage of selection!

The Latest

January 2019 Accolades

Delia Younge (2007) has a new book out and Sheena Zhang (2007) designed the cover, plus Ariel Kantor (2015) was named a Rhodes Scholar.

January 2019 Connections

Coke Scholars met up all over the world last month – Washington, DC; Sioux Falls, ID; London; and Sydney.

December 2018 Connections

Scholars in Minneapolis got together for a holiday party and alums met up at the World Bank Youth Summit and the City Labs Summit in Detroit.

2019 Semifinalists

1,896 high school seniors have been selected from over 95,000 submitted applications from across the country to advance to the next stage of our selection process!

Older Posts

Third Year of Coke Scholar Coaching Program Begins

The third year of Coke Scholar Coaching has begun, pairing new alumni coaches together with first-year Scholars to support them as they transition to college.

Coke Scholars Ignite the Future at Leadership Summit

Thursday, September 27, 2018, Coke Scholars and alumni from the very first class in 1989 to the newly selected in 2018 traveled to Atlanta to connect, learn, and propel their collective desire to improve our world forward.

October 2018 Accolades

Nekia Hackworth Jones (1995) was chosen as one of Georgia’s Most Powerful and Influential Women, and Kate Sullivan (1994) hosts a new show where she interviews brilliant minds, 3 of whom are fellow Coke Scholars.

October 2018 Connections

Undergrad Coke Scholars got together for pizza and Cokes at USC (pictured) and Princeton and over 80 Scholars and alumni came to our reception in Boston.