November 2017 Accolades

Four Scholars were named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 List and Camille Borders was named a Rhodes Scholar.

The Latest

Sam Gorman: Increasing College Access Through Peerlift

Sam had a hard time finding help to go to college, so he co-founded Peerlift, transforming access to opportunities for high school students across the United States.

2018 Coca-Cola Scholar Semifinalists

These 1,936 students were selected from over 90,000 applicants to continue through our selection process with the opportunity of becoming a Coke Scholar.

October 2017 Accolades

Nisha Desai (2004) applied for the Atlantic Council Millennium Fellowship, and Maddie Dill (2014) was named Homecoming Queen at the University of Georgia.

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Coca-Cola Scholar Cara Mund Crowned Miss America

Mund explains, “What it is to be a Coke Scholar is very similar to the characteristics of a Miss America contestant.”

September 2017 Accolades

Albert Lawrence (2003) is interviewing Kavita Shukla (2002) for Innovation Nation on CBS, and 6 Scholars are running for public office!

September 2017 Connections

CCSF hosted receptions in Indianapolis and Cincinnati, and 16 alumni came to Atlanta to be trained for our coaching program.

How Coca-Cola Scholars are Helping Their Communities, Post-Harvey

For several Coca-Cola Scholars impacted by the storm, their network has provided a support system, with Scholars checking in on Scholars, providing donations and words of encouragement. Others have rolled up their sleeves and joined efforts to rebuild impacted cities.