July 2017 Connections

Pamit Surana (1989) hosted over 20 Scholars for a chocolate tasting in NYC, and alumni connected in DC, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Introducing: Coke Scholars Connect!

With Coke Scholars Connect, Scholars and alumni can log in with LinkedIn, Facebook, or email, and in just a minute, network with 5,850 of their fellow change agents.

June 2017 Accolades

Steven Olikara (2008) interviewed Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse (1990) on C-Span2, and Cara Mund (2012) was named Miss North Dakota!

June 2017 Connections

2014 Scholars Gabe Unruh and Sophia Wix met for lunch, and 75 Scholars and alumni came to our reception in Washington, DC.

2017 Educator of Distinction Awards

Our new class of Scholars celebrates teachers and mentors who have had a significant impact on their intellectual and personal development with our Educator of Distinction award.

2017 Red Cord Graduates

We are proud to honor our Coca-Cola Scholars graduating from college with a Coca-Cola red cord. Congratulations!