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2021 Giving Tuesday Donors

THANK YOU for an incredible Giving Tuesday!

The commitment of Coke Scholars and our dear friends to strengthening and supporting the Scholars network is truly amazing. Collectively, $20,185 was raised on Giving Tuesday alone!

We are so grateful to these 54 generous people (and interestingly 9 reindeer) who invested in the future of Coke Scholars.

It's not too late - join them and lift CCSF closer to our goal.


First Last Scholar Year
Dawn Lopez Johnson 1989
Rosanna Catalano (Flury) 1990
Eric Armbrecht 1991
Marianne Ragins 1991
Alex Hernandez 1992
Daria Torres 1992
Keith Smith 1993
Lesley Wainwright 1994
Carolyne & Seymour Dilgard-Clark 1995
Anita Kishore 1995
Karyn Harrington 1997
Charles Chang 1999
Ben & Abby Nicol 1999
Cesar Aviles 2000
Jaclyn McKinstry 2000
TJ Abrams 2001
Heidi Koester Oliveira 2001
Erica Tuggle 2001
Nola Weinstein 2001
Jaime Levins 2002
Bradford Galiette 2004
Mike Woodward 2004
Charity Avery 2006
Andrew Barnhill 2006
Michaella Gallina 2006
Jonathan Lee 2006
Nasir Uddin 2006
Jason Wong 2006
Richard Alt 2008
Margaret Brown 2008
Stephen Traina-Dorge 2008
Krystal Kappeler 2009
Lauren Kuhn 2009
Robert Jackson 2012
Jenna Vickers 2012
Hope Arcuri 2014
Brennen Feder 2017
Annie Ostojic 2020
Nathan & Cara Augspurger
Brian Corridan
Jane Hale Hopkins
Molly L.
Ed & Jocelyn Lovelace
Carolyn Norton
Aaron Tuggle
Nikki Wegner
Martin Williams
Santa Claus
Blitzen Claus
Comet Claus
Cupid Claus
Dancer Claus
Dasher Claus
Donner Claus
Prancer Claus
Rudolph Claus
Vixen Claus