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April 2018 Connections

Sarah and Lily Jenkins (2015 and 2017) our favorite scholar sisters from Hawaii stopped by Coke HQ.

Coke Scholars in Austin, TX got together for breakfast. Thanks to Hilary Corna (2003) for organizing.

Coca-Cola Scholars connect at SXSW. Thank you to Nola Weinstein (2001) and Daron Roberts (1997) for hosting.

Jake Bernstein (2012), Hilary Corna (2003) and Ben Anders (2007) and their significant others got together in Tokyo. Jake and Ben live there and Hilary was visiting.

Lena Brottman (2010) stopped by Coke HQ to visit.

Antonio Castillo (2000) recently moved back to Atlanta and stopped by Coke HQ.

20 alumni came together to learn how to “Burn the Box: The Art of Risk-Taking” from Daron K. Roberts (1997). Ashley Chang (2006) interviewed Daron, exploring the tools that we can use to combat risk aversion.

Shelbi McCall (2014) stopped by Coke HQ too.

Another successful #CokeScholarsDine event in Houson. Thanks to Sheel Tyle (2008) and Marc Eichenbaum (2000) for organizing.

The West Coast partook in #CokeScholarsDine too. Scholars gathered in San Francisco- thanks to Akbar Khan (2008) and Micaela Connery (2004) for orchestrating.

Alumni got together in Atlanta for yet another #CokeScholarsDine event!

Yet even more photogenic Scholars enjoying #CokeScholarsDine event in Raleigh!


Carolyn Norton (Alumni Relations Manager, CCSF) visited with Kamber Schneider (2001) and her daughter Kaia, Tricia Morris-Taylor (2000) and Deborah Stine (1991)

Steven Olikara (2008) and Aaron Chadbourne (2002) met up in Augusta, Maine at the Governor’s. Steven’s organization (the Millennial Action Project) was there to launch their state chapter “Maine Future Caucus.”  Aaron works for Governor LePage.

Angela Orange (1998) met up with CCSF President J. Mark Davis at Teach for America’s corporate breakfast in Atlanta.

Shaker Dukkipati (2009) recently got two puppies and named them Coca and Cola.