Coke Scholars Coaches

CCSF Launches Coaching Pilot

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is excited to launch a Coke Scholars Coaching pilot project this year for randomly selected first-year Scholars. After almost a year of developing a model with the Center for Creative Leadership, several alumni volunteers along with all Foundation staff members were trained to learn how to support Scholars as they transition to college, explore engagement opportunities on their campuses, and set and work towards a personal goal.

Coke Scholars Coach Training

The Coaching experience will strive to make the Coca-Cola Scholars Program experience special, provide meaningful personal and professional development for both the Coaches and Coachees, and strengthen the undergraduate Scholars’ connections to the Coca-Cola Scholar network. After this initial year, CCSF anticipates refining the program and expanding for the 2017 Scholars to support Scholars as they launch into their college journeys.

Coke Scholars Coaches

In addition to the CCSF staff, the alumni Coaches are Angela Harrell (1991), Anita Kishore (1995), Jamie Lathan (1996), Albert Lawrence (2003), Christina Marshall-Valdez (2001), Nekeisha Randall (2004), Samorn Selim (2000), Joe Semsar (2005), and Sarah Williams (2011).