Meet the 2015 Class


A snapshot of our newest class of 150 Coca-Cola Scholars.

National Honor Society Member 110 73%
Varsity Athlete 106 71%
Drama/Theatre/Arts 80 53%
Founded an Organization 76 51%
Valedictorian 58 39%
Class President 32 21%
Newspaper Editor 27 18%
Debate Captain 26 17%
Student Body President 20 13%
Intel Finalist 6 4%
Science Olympiad Captain 4 3%
Volunteer Hours Total: 185,924.6 Average: 1,239.5



Grace O’Brien: Works to send solar-powered hearing aids to the hard of hearing and deaf in developing countries.

Netta Wang: Created “Didomi”, a web platform that allows nonprofits to create a simple website and project-oriented fundraising specific to the community they cater to.

Jude Alawa: Started an organization that advocates clean drinking water for Syrian refugees.

Lauren Maunus: A food allergy activist in FL and had a bill passed around food allergy initiatives.

Shanze Tahir: Developed curriculum for an anti-bullying app called “Bullying Matters” that places the user in different scenarios with a bully and teaches them how to handle the situation.

Jack Andeaka: At the age of 15, Jack invented an inexpensive early detection test for pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancers. Now, at 17, his groundbreaking results have earned him international recognition.

Emily Ashkin: One of four Americans invited to the Beijing Youth Science Creation Challenge where she took home a Grand Prize in biochemistry for her work in cancer research.

Sydney Oswald: Established croquet program to engage Alzheimer’s patients.

Rachel Ley: Established Literacy for Little Ones program to teach children how to read.

Marc Robert-Wong: Founded and expanded TeenTechSF bringing thousands of teens together to network and innovate in the Silicon Valley.

Aditya Sood: Founded “Working Together for a Change” that raises funds to help homeless people transition into jobs.

Courtney Thurston: Engineered an unmanned aerial system that provides farmers with data they can use to target water, pesticides and fertilization treatments and was hired as the youngest employee at SpaceX, a company that designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft.

Reesab Pathak: Was a part of the research group at Oregon Health and Science University whose research has led to the discovery of the entire genome and genetic alphabet of any sample species or animal.

Sydney Kamen: Founded “So Others are Protected” (SOAP), a nonprofit that recycles discarded shards of soap in luxury hotels in Southeast Asia into new bars of soap for struggling communities.

Casey Sokolovic: Founded the “Love a Sea Turtle”, a nonprofit organization that is a platform to launch programs and fundraisers that work to save the world’s sea turtle population.