When Empathy Goes Viral

How Nathan Alexander is Creating Social Justice Through Mathematics

Rebecca Darr Litchfield

Rebecca Darr Litchfield Discusses her Multifaceted Approach to Making a Difference in the Business World

By Rebecca Darr Litchfield, 1992 Scholar | By day, I’m a senior fellow at The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program, working for systems change in capital markets and business education. By night, I’m the co-founder and co-owner of Atayne, LLC, an apparel company that makes high-performing outdoor and athletic gear from trash. Yes, you…

Daron Roberts

Daron Roberts Tackles Life Beyond Football

By Corrie MacLaggan, 1998 Scholar |  When Daron K. Roberts (1997 Scholar) was a Harvard Law School student, he came up with a radical new career goal: To become a football coach. Never mind that he hadn’t played football in college. Never mind that he had no football coaching experience. He wrote 164 letters seeking…

Micaela Connery

Micaela Connery Helps Children Build Life-altering Relationships On and Off Stage

By Hilary Corna, 2003 Scholar | “Jake is talking to that girl,” the shocked mother of a Unified Theater student observes. “He never talks to people and hates crowds.” Jake’s mother isn’t the first person to express amazement at what Unified Theater does for kids. Through the organization, Coca-Cola Scholar Micaela Connery (2004) and the student-leaders…

Tiffany Hodge

An Orphanage in Bangladesh Benefits from Tiffany Hodge’s Attention

By Albert Lawrence, 2003 Scholar | When 1998 Coca-Cola Scholar Tiffany Hodge hears the Bangla word Apu—meaning sister—she can’t help but smile. For much of her postgraduate career, Tiffany has worked closely with 100 children who reside in Bangladesh’s Char Fasson Orphanage. The affectionate term the children use to address her underscores the rapport Tiffany has…

Gray Garmon

Gray Garmon Works to Build Stronger Community and Bonds with Ghanaian Friends

By Heidi Koester and Julie Collins |  The villages of the upper west region of Ghana are a far cry from the University of Texas in Austin, where 2003 Coca-Cola Scholar Gray Garmon obtained his undergraduate degree in architecture. Yet Gray wouldn’t have it any other way. During his two-year stint in Ghana for the…