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How Diana Chao is Destigmatizing Mental Illness With Letters to Strangers

Vy Tran

Beating the Odds: Celebrating Our 2012 Crawford T. Johnson Scholar

The Crawford T. Johnson Scholarship is a $20,000 Scholarship given every other year to the “most inspirational” student from that class.  It was first awarded in 1998 and is named for Crawford Toy Johnson, III, who served as the Chairman of the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation from 1986 to 1996. Crawford was instrumental in creating the…

Clay McMullen

Celebrating the 2012 Lenovo Green Ambassador Award Winner

The Lenovo Green Ambassador Award is an extra $2,500 “technology package” given to a Coca-Cola Scholar who exemplifies the environmentally conscious behavior that Lenovo expects in their own company. This student, through community involvement and awareness projects, is already a leader in education and green solutions.  The award includes their most recognized laptop (T410s), in…

Colton Jang

Celebrating the 2012 Sandy Williams Alumni Legacy Scholar!

The Alumni Legacy Scholarship is an additional $20,000 National award given to a Coca-Cola Scholar annually.  The Scholarship was instituted by the Alumni Advisory Board in 2008 and is funded by Alumni of the Scholars Program.  In selecting the recipients of the Alumni Legacy Scholarship, the Alumni Advisory Board and National Selection Committee look for…

Robert Accordino

Connecting Music to Medicine

By Laura Marie Lazar | One of the most rewarding aspects of 1999 Coca-Cola Scholar Robert Accordino’s career is the “extraordinary window” he says he has been given into his patients’ lives. As a resident physician in pediatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, he is provided a chance to connect with his charges…

Mpaza Kapembwa

Mpaza Kapembwa Draws On His Own Hardships to Help Others

By Mpaza Kapenbwa (2011) | At my high school’s honors night in May, I was introduced as one of the 253 Coca-Cola Scholars in the class of 2011 (out of 71,000 applicants!). As I looked around the room, I could tell how proud everyone was of me. Most importantly, my mom was proud of me.…