Humanity Distilled into Ink

How Diana Chao is Destigmatizing Mental Illness With Letters to Strangers

Creating a Vibrant Future for Our Cities

Growing up, Mehul Patel always assumed he would become a physician, like his father. But during his last year in high school, people and events converged to change the direction of his life.

Guillermo Morales

Against All Odds

Guillermo Morales had to overcome more obstacles than most to get to college. His parents were from Mexico, where his mother traveled five hours to the nearest college to become a teacher. She was pregnant with Guillermo when she crossed illegally into the U.S., risking her life and his so he could be born here.…

Alex Hernandez

Reimagining Public Education

Alex Hernandez was one of the top students at his high school in Stockton, CA – a high school he says is still in the bottom 20% of all California schools 20 years later. When he got to college, he was told that he didn’t know how to write and then placed in the lowest…

Shannon Babb

Changing the World One Solution at a Time

Shannon Babb has been interested in science as long as she can remember. When she was really little, she wanted to be a paleontologist, spending hours a day in her yard digging for dinosaur bones.

Rocio Ortega

Speaking Up for Girls Who Don’t Have a Voice

Rocio Ortega is a passionate advocate for the 600 million girls in developing countries who do not have the opportunities she’s had in the U.S. As a high school sophomore, she was first exposed to the concepts of female empowerment and feminism through GlobalGirl Media, a nonprofit organization that teaches the tools of digital media…