Humanity Distilled into Ink

How Diana Chao is Destigmatizing Mental Illness With Letters to Strangers

Erin Whitney Witmer

Blazing Trails for Women and for Our Planet

Erin Witmer was a well-rounded student in high school – an athlete, a serious classical musician and at the top of her class. She says she was known as a “brainiac” because of her interest in science and engineering. Her father, who was a scientist, continually encouraged her to do science projects and her proficiency…

Justin Hattan and Quintin Haynes

From Small Town to the White House

Justin Hattan and Quintin Haynes received their Coca-Cola Scholarships 11 years apart, but even though time and thousands of miles separated them, their paths were very similar and their destination was the same. They grew up in small towns, were student athletes and were involved in youth service organizations in high school. Justin was a…

Lamees El-sadek

Caring Deeply About Her Community

Lamees El-sadek learned a lot about life growing up in a small, rural Mississippi town. As an Egyptian Muslim living in an ethnically separated Southern Baptist community, she became acutely aware of systematic population differences in income, education, health, and civil treatment according to race, religion and residence. While her parents had gone to college…

Nakeesha J. Seneb

Storytelling is My Absolute Passion

Nakeesha Seneb has always known that she wanted to be a storyteller. In the early chapters of her own story, she grew up in a family of limited means, where she was the first to finish high school and the first to go to college. An avid reader, she was smart; she tested well and…

Eric Armbrecht

Blending Science and Creativity to Improve Healthcare

Eric Armbrecht grew up in a quaint Midwest community where his mother is a chemistry teacher and his father is an accountant. The town’s Catholic high school instilled in him a commitment to service and leadership before he and his 14 fellow graduates went out into the world. He credits his family’s emphasis on education,…