Puffs with Purpose

How J.J. and wife Catherine are preventing childhood food allergies one puff snack at a time

Faique Moqeet

A Business Mind with a Giving Heart

With national recognitions in student journalism, the study of the classics and international community service, Faique embraces many passions. But unlike others in similar situations, he had to create many opportunities for himself. Testing into the state’s top high school, he interacted with a wide range of students from different—and often more privileged—backgrounds. The opportunities…

Jolene Loetscher

The Power of Storytelling

When she graduated from high school, Jolene Loetscher knew she couldn’t be a teacher like her mother, or a farmer like her dad. But she figured she could be a storyteller, and in that way she could teach people and help them grow. She majored in broadcast journalism in college and after graduation, she worked…

Ryan McCannell

Following a Dream to the Other Side of the World

From a small town in Maine to assisting with peace building and governance in Africa, Ryan McCannell has traveled far pursuing his dream of making a difference in international affairs. Since his eighth grade trip to Sweden as an exchange student, he’s known that the wider world would be his home. As a 1989 Coca-Cola…

Rakhi Agrawal at Barnard College of Columbia University

Committed to a Better Life

By Julie Collins Bates (2001 Coca-Cola Scholar) |  Like most Coca-Cola Scholars, when Rakhi Agrawal found out she was selected as a 2010 Scholar, she was busy juggling a full load of high school classes and activities. Unlike many Scholars, however, Rakhi also was working 40 hours per week and living out of her car.…

Shaan Patel SAT 2400

A Commitment to Perfect SAT Prep

When I was in high school, I scored a perfect 2400 on the SAT. Even though five years have past since I graduated from high school, my SAT score remains my hallmark—I’m often known as “the guy that got a perfect score on the SAT.” While a 2400 SAT score is certainly impressive, what I…