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Unlocking the Magic Within

35 classes of Coke Scholars unleash their magic at the 2023 Leadership Summit

Coke Scholars Take our Instagram to Haiti

Alice Park and Jany Brown took over our Instagram as they explored how to make an impact with Haiti Babi, an organization dedicated to keeping families together.

Kaitlyn Chana, Krystal Kappler, and Erin Muffoletto Baca at the 2016 Coke Scholars Service Summit

5 Ways to be an Everyday Change Agent

Change agents aren’t superheroes. They’re everyday people, just like you. Here are 5 ways to incorporate our hands, heart and knowledge to create a lasting change.

Surround Yourself with Good People

I used to be known as the little kid who would cry in response to everything. Teachers often had to come flying over with a box of tissues and prepare their comforting cooing to keep the little puddle at my feet from turning into Lake Superior. I cried often and about almost everything. I cried…

Morning Coca-Cola Scholars Style

APRIL 17, 2015, 0600 EST: BLEEP! BLEEP! BLEEP! I swear my roommate is going to start throwing things at me if I let another one of my alarms go off (I actually have a theory behind all of that). Yes, it may be 6AM. And yes, we may have gotten less than four hours of…

Ryan, Kim and Makyla Joy Mayeda

Celebrating Life’s Heartbreak and Joy

By Ryan Mayeda (1996) | When my wife, Kim, and I married in 2005, we knew we wanted to build a family. Little did we know the challenges and heartache we would face along the way—or the joy that would eventually result. Kim has medical conditions that made it difficult to conceive, so in 2006 we…