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Unlocking the Magic Within

35 classes of Coke Scholars unleash their magic at the 2023 Leadership Summit

Katie Gaetke U.S. Air Force

Celebrating our Veterans

By Katie Gaetke (1998) | Less than one percent of the U.S. population serves in the military. A 2011 Pew Research Center survey found that only one third of Americans age 18 to 29 have an immediate family member of any age who has served in the military. Yet the actions of this small portion…

Jenni and Jason Newbury

Celebrating Connections: PALS Programs

I learned about Down syndrome when I was two years old. My brother Jason had just been born, and while my family listened to a diagnosis and shouldered the weight of many questions, I stepped into my new role as a big sister. Jason and I grew up together—sharing friends, dodging bullies, and making memories. You…

Kevin Chung's 40th Birthday

A Birthday Celebrating Real Commitment and Lasting Connections

By AJ Robinson (1990) |  When Kevin Chung and I first met in Atlanta at Scholars Weekend in 1990, we were both high school seniors from the San Francisco Bay area trying to decide on our next steps after graduation (we both chose Stanford University, where our friendship was cemented) and trying to figure out…

Richard Rusczyk

Art of Problem Solving: Connecting the World’s Top Math Students

Having a passion that isn’t shared by your peers can be very lonely, particularly in middle and high school—and especially when that passion is math. It’s easy for adults to see that being good at math is cool—just look at job satisfaction and compensation top 10 lists, most of which feature number “geeks” from top to…

Gabby Wild

Making Connections Count: How 3 Scholars Worked Together to Spread the Message of One’s Cause

By Michaella Gallina (2006) |  Last fall, while reading the monthly Scholars newsletter, I read about Kathryn Minshew’s (2004) “The Daily Muse” website. It provides smart content, career advice, and community for young professional women, featuring articles on everything from your job search to entrepreneurship and even office fashion. Recently, it was selected to Y…