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Join us in investing in the future!


For more than 35 years, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation has invested in exceptional high school students who are dedicated to leadership, service, and action that positively affects others.


In their own way, Coke Scholars have refreshed the world, filling society with bolder action, more amazing technology, healthier futures, and exponential possibility. Yet all are united by one thing their collective vision to give back.


Brennen Feder (2017) and Rosanna Catalano (1990) from the Alumni Board are teaming up to "Share a Coke" Donation that will strengthen the Coke Scholars community and support CCSF.



Join forces with a friend and donate together!


Your gift goes a long way to empower visionary leaders who are uplifting communities around the world.


Please give today. We are grateful for your support!


Many Thanks to Our 2023 Donors!


Robert Accordino (1999)
Laalitya Acharya (2021)
Victor Agbafe (2015)
David Akinin (2008)
Richard Alt II (2008)
Cesar Aviles (2000)
Augustine Bartning (1998)
Jesse Bernal (2000)
Catherine Boardman
Johanna Cano (1999)
Rosanna Catalano (1990)
Holden Dahlerbruch (2019)
Carolyne Dilgard-Clark (1995)
Kathryn Duryea
Marc Eichenbaum (2000)
Brennen Feder (2017)
Benjamin Forster (2013)
Julia Goehring (2010)
Megan Gorski (2007)
David Groom (1992)
Megan Harney (2004)
Mark Hendrickx (1997)
Jane Hopkins
Akbar Khan (2014)
Thomas King (1989)
Anita Kishore (1995)
Austin Lentsch (2016)
Victor Lopez (2009)
Courtney Lynn (1996)
Zehra Mahid
Ryan McCannell (1989)
Douglas Miller (1994)
Erin Muffoletto (2015)
Ben Nicol (1999)
Alice Park (1999)
Kari Philbeck (1994)
Pamela Rappaport
Kim Rogers
Stevan Rosenberg (1998)
Lucas San Miguel (2020)
Jordan Scarboro (2005)
Helen Smith Price
Susan Suh (1992)
Pamit Surana (1989)
Ky Tang (1992)
Heather Tell (1992)
Daria Torres (1992)
Samuel Wakefield (2001)
Nola Weinstein (2001)
Martin Williams
Mike Woodward (2004)

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