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April 2022 Connections

CCSF celebrated the 34th class of Coca-Cola Scholars on April 21, 2022, with featured speaker Tony Dungy and Daron K. Roberts (1997). Watch the recording here.

After the virtual celebration, Coke Scholars from all classes gathered via Zoom to welcome the 2022 class at the After Party.
On April 27, the 2022 Coke Scholars met over zoom for a “Welcome to the Family” session with the CCSF staff that helped explain what it means to be a Coke Scholar and how to best use their scholarship funds.
The class of 2022 didn’t waste any time getting together! Several met up at Harvard’s Vistas event.
Some 2022s also got together at Yale’s Bulldog Days.
Joel Martin (1997) and Nola Weinstein (2004) met up in Miami.
Michaella Gallina (2006) and Krystal Kappeler (2009) went cross-country skiing together in Glacier National Park last month.
Coke Scholars in St. Louis, including Erica Farber (2003), Gracemary Nganga (2019), Alex Dzurick (2008), and Jack Terschluse (2012), got together with Carolyn Norton (CCSF) while she was in town. She also caught up with…
Eric Armbrecht (1991),
Kamber Schneider (2001),
and James Sykes (2015).
Jamie Williams (CCSF) was the keynote speaker at Phi Theta Kappa’s All-Georgia Academic Team awards ceremony.
Carolyn Norton (CCSF team) appeared on the podcast College Matters. Alma Matters. and discussed the Coca-Cola Scholars Program and her journey from a second grade teacher to Alumni Relations Manager at CCSF.