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Improving Healthcare with Heart and Intention with Joel, Anthoney, Athena, and Kaitlyn

How can we make healthcare better for everyone?

In this final episode of season 3 of The SIP, Coke Scholars from different parts of the healthcare industry come together to discuss how they are tackling challenges they’ve encountered within the field.

Meet our brilliant panel of Coke Scholars:

They discuss how healthcare has evolved during the pandemic from the frontline perspective, including staff shortages, mental health needs, and the reality that healthcare workers are human, too, and dive in to the importance of access – from patients having access to both care and knowledge of the healthcare system, to making a career in healthcare more easily accessible. They also share their leadership styles and how to leave space for your heart to inform your brain.

The episode is introduced by Aisha Chebbi (2020).

Watch a video of Joel, Anthoney, Athena, and Kaitlyn recording this episode here with captions.

The SIP, short for The Coke Scholars Ignite Podcast, shares a taste of the Coke Scholars around the world who are igniting positive change.

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