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January 2022 Connections

Fez Zafar (2020, middle) visited the Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling plant in Des Moines for a visit and caught up with Kirk Tyler (Chair, CCSF, and Chair & CEO, Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Co., right) and Robert Feeney (President, Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Co., left). “What a young man and a tribute to the good things you are doing at CCSF.” said Kirk.
Grace Miner (2016), Christopher Rathbun (2016), Swathi Srinivasan (2017), and Samuel Vilchez Santiago (2015) had a Slices for Scholars event at the University of Oxford.
Scholars at UPenn also hosted a Slices for Scholars event. Attendees included Bhavana Akula (2021), Joanna Bieda (2021), Manya Gauba (2021), Justin Kuncheria (2020), Ashna Patel (2021), Tej Patel (2021), Richard Ren (2021), Bryan Yan (2019), Rayan Yu (2021), and Corrine Yuan (2020),
Krystal Kappeler (2009, middle left), Carrie Regan (1989, middle right), and Pat Blute (2008, right) attended a retreat for business leaders and entrepreneurs led by Daron K. Roberts (1997, left) in Austin last month. They enjoyed a weekend of networking, learning, deep dives, and meaningful interactions with people from around the country.
Carolyn Norton (CCSF) was furniture shopping in Atlanta and ran into Jaselyn Williams (1999).