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March 2024 Connections

Miami Reception

Miami Coke Scholars gathered for a reception at Jason Feldman’s (1990) beautiful home. We enjoyed seeing familiar and new faces and meeting 6 of the 2024 Scholars.

Miami Coke Scholars Reception. Thanks to Jason Feldman (1990) for hosting and David Groom (1992) of Run, Jump, Fly, Inc. for taking this group photo with a drone!

Scholars Elevate Their Internet Presence

Eva Amessé (2007) and her husband, Matt Hamilton, led a #CokeScholarsPro class about personal branding and how to simplify and enhance your internet presence. Eva and Matt developed realnice, a tool that makes it easy (and free!) for anyone to create a personal website.

Coke Scholar Meet Ups

NYC-based 2015 and 2016 Scholars celebrated holidays and birthdays, went for hikes and ate pink tacos, and bonded on the ski slopes and around the dinner table at a team-cooked meal during a snowy weekend getaway to the Poconos!

Pictured below: Raina Kadavil, Sreya Atluri, Sam Cahoon, Graham Novak, Anne Raheem, Anna Raheem, Ahmad Shawwal, Shrey Gupta, Cooper Yerby, Austin Verissimo, Victor Agbafe (all 2015) and George Pandya (2016). Thanks to Raina for sending these great pictures.

Raina also volunteered with Jeremiah Grant (2013) at an event that he hosted.

Ro Catalano (1990) visited Georgia Tech with her daughter and GT students Shea Kerry (2019) and Varuni Chopra (2023) showed them around campus. 

Ro Catalano (1990, middle), her daughter (left), and Varuni Chopra (2023, right). 
Ro Catalano (1990, middle), her daughter (left), and Shea Kerry (2019, right).