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November 2021 Connections

Coke Scholars Friendsgiving

CCSF hosted its second Coke Scholars Friendsgiving, a fun way for Scholars to reconnect in a casual, virtual setting. There was some fun speed networking, too!

Friendsgiving Night 1
Friendsgiving Night 2

Coke Scholars on Campus

Coke Scholars at Harvard University got together for pizza and Cokes.

Attendees included Kya Brooks (2021), Maria Cheriyan (2021), Eunice Chon (2021), Emily Deng (2020), Taylor Fang (2020), Shruti Gautam (2021), Jay Iyer (2021), Devishi Jha (2021), Lawrence Jia (2019), Helena Jiang (2020), Priyanka Kumar (2019), Sarah Lao (2021), John Lin (2021), Anna MacLennan (2021), Melinda Modisette (2021), Julia Montgomery (2020), Aneesh Muppidi (2021), Nahla Owens (2021), Wendy Qiu (2019), John Rho (2021), Lilian Smith (2021), Leah Tadese (2021), Van Tran (2020), Henry Wu (2020), Abby Yoon (2021), Albert Zhang (2018), Michael Zhao (2021), and Shirley Zhu (2021).
Clara Ma (2015), Guowei Qi (2017), and Meena Venkataramanan (2017) shared pizza and Cokes in Cambridge.
Carolyn Norton (CCSF) caught up with 2018 Scholars Eric Donohue and Saylor Snowden at the University of Virginia game against Notre Dame and again at the UVA/ Virginia Tech game.

Coke Scholars Around the World

Raina Kadavil and Jacqueline Roman had a last minute and much-needed 2015 Scholars reunion for a couple of weeks in Greece this October.
Kate Sullivan (1994) hosted CCSF Board Member & Chief People Officer for The Coca-Cola Company, Lisa Chang, on her podcast, To Dine For, as well as fellow Scholar Adan Gonzalez (2011).
After Michelle Wu (2003) was elected Mayor of Boston, CCSF shared the news online. Joshua Schmidt (2010) saw the posts and realized she was a fellow Coke Scholar – he had been working on her campaign and never knew!
Carolyn Norton (CCSF) ran into Jason and Justin Harlow (2006 Scholars) and their families while walking around the Battery during the World Series in Atlanta.
Ericia Ward (CCSF) saw Charity Avery (2006) and Brittiney (Hersey) Pegues (2005) at a Falcons football game in Atlanta.
Carolyn Norton (CCSF) got together with Erica Tuggle (2001) for coffee in Atlanta.