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October 2016 Connections

Stanford Coke Scholars got together for pizza and many of them sported their Scholars Weekend shirt!

Jessica Pasquarello (2015) and Maddie Dill (2014) co-presented with our president, Mark Davis, at The Coca-Cola Company, sharing their experiences as Coke Scholars and UGA Fellows with the Company’s University of Georgia alumni (which includes Mark, as displayed by his tie).


Jason Pate’s (2005) sister is the lead in a play called “South of the Market,” written and directed by Pat Blute (2008). It’s getting great reviews! Jason attended on opening night and sent us this photo from backstage. Pictured from left to right: Pate Blute (2008), Jason Pate (2005), Deanna Pate, Morgan’s boyfriend and Morgan Pate.


Lauron Fischer (2007) and Rebecca Fulmer (2008) grabbed a Coke together in Grand Junction, CO.

While visiting family in St. Louis, Carolyn Norton (Alumni Relations Manager, CCSF) grabbed coffee with Kamber Schneider (2001) and her son Sutton (2) and daughter Kaia (3 months).

She also visited with Chris Leahy (1999) that afternoon, who is battling cancer. Please keep him in your thoughts!

Brady Beaubien met up with fellow 1997 Coke Scholars Tyson Clark and Grace Atukpawu at their 15 year reunion at Stanford.


Kristen Ward (2002) met up with Janelle Sahouria (2000) when she was visiting San Francisco.  They have been friends since meeting at the 2008 Coke Scholars Leadership Summit!


Elizabeth Grim (2005) visited Coca-Cola headquarters while in Atlanta for an evaluators conference. She is an evaluation consultant at Yale.


Jason Feldman (1990) and Megan Millard (2007) both work at Amazon in Seattle and met up for lunch.