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September 2023 Connections

2023 Coca-Cola Scholars Leadership Summit

The extraordinary magic of the Coke Scholars network was unleashed at the 2023 Coca-Cola Scholars Leadership Summit September 7-10 in Atlanta! Magic makers from 35 classes of Coke Scholars came together from around the world to learn, collaborate, and connect through shared passions and unique perspectives.

Read about Courtney Lynn’s (1996) experience at the Leadership Summit.

Coke Scholar Coach Training

New Coke Scholar Coaches came to Atlanta for training with the Center for Creative Leadership and CCSF in Atlanta in August.

Las Vegas Dinner

Coke Scholars in Las Vegas got together for dinner with Carolyn Norton (CCSF) while she was in town for the National Association of Scholarship Providers conference.

Slices for Scholars

Coke Scholars on campus connect over pizza and Coke.

Shivani Gollapudi (2020), Julie Trinh (2021), Michael Gonzalez McNeil (2023), Enzo DAmato (2023), and Jerron-Michael Arline (2021) got together at Rice University.
Coke Scholars met up at at Harvard University! Attendees included: Eunice Chon (2021), Katie Curran (2016), Winston Li (2016), Nefertari Elshiekh (2019), Lauren Bartel (2022), Madeline Phuong (2023), Mirika Jambudi (2023), Kristian Hardy (2020), Anie Udosen (2022), Ashley Romo (2022), Raymond Jiang (2023), Caleb Chung (2023), Will Smialek (2023), Dana Garibaldi (2023), Shivi Srikarth (2022), Henry Wu (2020), Nadine Meister (2020), Winifred Ohm-Manu (2023), Austen Wyche (2023), Samantha Giles (2023), Lynn Tao (2023), Katherrin Billordo (2023), Nora Sun (2023), Albert Zhang (2020), Sadof Khan (2018), Brianna Chan (2022), Sahil Soud (2023), Aris Zhu (2021), Taylor Fang (2020), Rishab Jain (2023), Leah Tadese (2021), Cam Srivastava (2023), Kya Brooks (2021), Maanasa Mendu (2020), Maddie Proctor (2021), Mandy Zhang (2023), Caleb Chung (2023), Roberto Quesada (2023), Calista Wilk (2023), Caroline Gao (2023), Hannah Shin (2022), Hannah Guan (2023), Krisha Patel (2021), Pranav Ramesh (2022), and Sonya Kulkarni (2023).
Vanderbilt University students Shanay Desai (2021), Grace Jones (2021), Hananeel Morinville (2021), Lena Kalandjian (2022), Danna Chacon (2021), and Divine Irikiza (2023) met up on campus.
Ella Paligo (2023) and Elaina Marriott (2019) shared pizza and a Coke at Brigham Young University.
Joseph Decilos (2020), Ayleen Perry (2015), Eddy Binford-Ross (2021), Aryaman Sharma (2020), Beyonce Hammond (2020), and Alexis Rodriguez (2023) met up from nearby schools Howard University, Georgetown University, and George Washington University.

Coke Scholar Meet Ups

Scholars got together on their own across the country!

Ashley Chang (2006) and Caroline Weber (2009) got together in NYC.
Reya Singh (2023) met presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy (2003 Scholar) and his wife Apoorva at a fundraising event in Ohio.
Jared McCluskey (2012) met up with Jack McKinstry (2000) when he was in NYC.
Carolyn Norton, Ericia Ward, and LaQuanda Prince from CCSF met up with Jaselyn Williams (1999) at happy hour at The Coca-Cola Company since Jaselyn just started working there!
Kevin Chung (1990) and Rita Ng (1996) got together for lunch in San Francisco.
Pat Blute (2008) and Carrie Regan (1989) were sad to miss the Leadership Summit because they were in Irish Business School together in Dublin. The sent us this picture and were there in spirit!
After meeting at the 2023 Leadership Summit, Saehee PĂ©rez (2023) and Daria Torres (1992) met up before a UVA football game when Daria was in Charlottesville.