2018 Coca-Cola Scholar Semifinalists

These 1,936 students were selected from over 90,000 applicants to continue through our selection process with the opportunity of becoming a Coke Scholar.

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October 2017 Accolades

Nisha Desai (2004) applied for the Atlantic Council Millennium Fellowship, and Maddie Dill (2014) was named Homecoming Queen at the University of Georgia.

October 2017 Connections

Scholars got together for pizza and Coke at MIT, University of California-Berkeley, and Case Western Reserve University, and CCSF hosted receptions in Chicago, Seattle, and Portland.

Bridget Galaty: Raising Awareness with Her Lens

From arts education to transgender rights, Bridget enlightens viewers with her documentaries.

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July 2017 Accolades

Eight 2017 Scholars were invited to attend the U.S. Presidential Scholars program this June, and Ben Nicol (1999) has been named the 2017 recipient of the William D. Jenkins Outstanding Foundation Professional Award.

July 2017 Connections

Pamit Surana (1989) hosted over 20 Scholars for a chocolate tasting in NYC, and alumni connected in DC, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Introducing: Coke Scholars Connect!

With Coke Scholars Connect, Scholars and alumni can log in with LinkedIn, Facebook, or email, and in just a minute, network with 5,850 of their fellow change agents.

June 2017 Accolades

Steven Olikara (2008) interviewed Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse (1990) on C-Span2, and Cara Mund (2012) was named Miss North Dakota!